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What is a loyalty program for travelers?

There are hotel programs, flyer programs and car rental programs that you can use when you travel. Hotel programs could mean anything from cheaper prices and free nights to extra perks during your travel. Flyer programs are usually built on collecting points, which later up can exchanged for trips. Check out what each site has to offer by clicking on its name in the sidebar on the right.

Which loyalty program is the best?

The different programs have different benefits. What in the end is decisive depends on your travel patterns and what you value as a traveler. A pure discount is always welcome, but the value of for example a perk such as the benefit to check out later is very individual.

Do you favour any travel site over another?

Every comparison on Howtobookyourtrip.com is made with an unbiased view. But all included sites are leading travel sites with top coverage. We encourage every traveler to look for the best supply, service and rates.

How often are new blog posts published?

Travel posts are posted each week. Exactly how often depends on how much our guest travelers have to do at the moment.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.