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Are you about to make a rental car booking for the first time? Or do you simply want to find cheaper prices and more options? Then this easy to follow step by step guide is for you!

1. Get some idea of where you want to go. Think about where, when and for how long you will need a car. It´s certainly an advantage if you are flexible on dates or on destination. If you are you increase the possibility of finding great rates.

2. Check out various car providers. When you have a plan it´s time to compare the rental car options available. Our recommendations is that you use Rentalcars. Read more about our recommended site by clicking here.

3. Use your preferences. Make sure that you search on all options that are within you travel preferences. If you are flexible on dates, try different dates. If you are flexible on destination, try different destinations. You can also do more advanced searches and filter on certain car types or functions.

This is what Rentalcars looks like. Fill in the red boxes and then press ”search flights”.
On the following page you have the option to filter due to your preferences.

4. Have a closer look. At this stage you have probably found some good-looking options. Before you take a final decision we recommend you to have a closer look to make sure that everything is in order. Have you picked wanted destination and are your dates really correct?

5. Make your reservation. If you have found a deal you are happy with, it´s time to go ahead and make the reservation. Follow the instructions given by the seller of the ticket and make sure that you read any details carefully.

6. Enjoy your drive!