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The Genius program by Booking not only gives you a nice discount on prices. It also provides you with perks that other customers won´t get. Read more about Booking and its rewards below.


Booking was established in 1996 and is today offering more than 1.5 million properties in 229 countries and territories. The properties range from small, family-run bed and breakfasts to grand luxury sites. In other words you have many different options to choose from.


The Genius reward program is offered to the most frequent bookers. It gives you another 10% discount off the best available rates on hotels that are taking part in the program. But it doesn´t stop there. It could also give you some extra perks, for example the possibility to have a later check out time than other customers.

For a hotel to make offers within the Genius program it needs an average guest review score of at least 7.5. That is to ensure that your Genius stays get as comfortable as possible.


Best price guarantee

If you find your reservation on another website with a lower rate, then contact Booking right away and they will match the price as long as a few requirements are fullfilled. Read more about the best price guarantee policy directly on Booking.com by clicking here.

Signup instructions

1. Go to Booking.com and make sure to sign up.

2. Choose your stay and make your reservation while being logged in to your account.

3. You will have to use Booking.com for a certain amount of stays within a year to be upgraded, normally five stays. After that you´ll be upgraded to the Genius reward level. Notice that it´s stays and not nights.

4. Enjoy 10% off and the extra perks available for members of the Genius program.


Coverage: More than 1.5 million properties worldwide.

Rewards: Get 10% extra discount with the Genius program.

Best price guarantee: Yes.

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