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Momondo provides a comprehensive search tool to find the best and cheapest flights out there. As you don´t book directly from the site Momondo, possible rewards are received from the seller that you in the end buy the trip from. Read more below!


Momondo was established in 2006 and help you to search across airlines, travel sites and low cost carriers to find the best flight tickets at the most competitive price. They compare prices from more than 900 travel sites to give you millions of options. That means that you are very likely to find all the alternatives you need.

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Momondo is used to find the cheapest trips, you don´t book directly from them. Therefore you won´t get rewards directly from Momondo, but instead you could get it from the airline company or travel agent that you in the end buy the ticket from. Different sellers have different reward systems and they could differ a lot. However, often you collect points as you book trips which you later on can use to travel for free.

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Best price guarantee:

When you book your trip from Momondo, you just use them to find the cheapest trip. To buy your trip you will be taken to the actual seller of the ticket(s). Due to this it´s not possible for Momondo to have a price guarantee. However, many airline companies do have price guarantees.

Signup instructions:

The signup procedure depends on what site you are directed to from Momondo. See the other sites on this page for further instructions.


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