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San Francisco

San Francisco

Explore San Francisco

Enjoy the wind in your hair and the salty air when you walk across the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. Alternatively you could go to Fisherman´s Wharf. Or you could do something entirely different. This cosmopolitan city constantly offers new things to see and do. San Francisco is called America´s Favorite City for a reason.

The city center is very walkable. But the slopes in San Francisco are as steep as they are famous. In case they get too much, the characteristic cable cars are there to help you experience the stunning setting of the city.

Things not to miss

Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman´s Wharf and Twin Peaks are top attractions in San Francisco. Each location is shown on the map at the bottom of this section.

Golden Gate Bridge

This American icon stretches across roughly 3 miles of water and its red color makes it easy recognizable. You can drive, bike or walk across.

Alcatraz Island

Fisherman´s Wharf

Twin Peaks

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