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  • Post last modified:April 19, 2021
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Agoda with its reward system Agoda Cash could give you between 4% and 7% back on your reservations. But a drawback with the system is that it sometimes could be hard to find good options to use your points for. Read more and find out how the reward system works below.

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About Agoda

Agoda was established in 2005 and offers accommodation at more than 2 million properties around the globe and has service and support in many different languages.

Accommodation offered ranges from low-key budget hostels to 5-star hotels. You have lots of nice options to choose from.

Agoda interface
There are over 2 million properties to choose from worldwide.

Collect Agoda Cash

Agoda Cash helps you to collect extra cash while you travel. The reward system is a fast way to get savings on your hotel reservations.

The way it works is that you collect Agoda Cash when you make stays. Not all accommodation options give you them. So look for the cash icon, in the red boxes below, before you make a reservation to see if and how much cash it will bring you. If there is no cash icon you won’t earn any points.

Agoda Cash collection
You can see how much Agoda Cash you collect with each reservation.

In the example above you can choose between collecting 18 Agoda Cash for a $111 reservation (0,16 Agoda Cash per dollar spent) or 12 Agoda Cash for a $78 reservation (0,15 Agoda Cash per dollar spent). So in this example the difference is minor.

How many points each eligible booking gives you could vary like in the example above. But the Agoda Cash you receive should always be worth between 4 and 7% of your reservation.

Use Agoda Cash

You find your cash level on the account page of your Agoda account. This is the Agoda Cash you have to use for future reservations.

However, you can only use your balance of Agoda Cash for eligible bookings. And far from all options are eligible, In fact it could be very hard to find bookings at some destinations for you to use your points for.

But if you find an eligible option that accepts the points you have collected, you will be able to decide if you want to use all of them or just some of them.

The way you do it is that you apply the cash to your booking during checkout for an instant discount.

Agoda Cash review

To get what Agoda approximates as 4-7% back on your bookings is nice. It’s pleasant to get something back on the money you spend on your travel. So far so good.

But different hotel options give different amounts of Agoda Cash. As a customer it could be confusing and hard to calculate the value of the points. This could absolutely be more clear. Preferably a booking of $100 would always give the same amount of points.

However, that’s not the biggest issue. The biggest drawback with the reward system is that you only can use the Agoda Cash for especially picked eligible bookings. This makes it tricky to redeem the points you have collected. And to collect points and then not be able to use them for a reservation you are happy with is very frustrating.

So even though the value could be decent it’s simply too confusing and restrictive to be a top reward system. It should be easy to find hotel options to use your Agoda Cash for.

Overall the reward system by Agoda is likely to bring you some extra value. However, it could have been so much better.

Agoda Cash stay
So you find a nice hotel option. But can you use your Agoda Cash?

Best price guarantee

If you find your reservation on another website with a lower rate, then contact Agoda right away and they will match or even beat that price as long as a few requirements are fulfilled.

The price match is not related to Agoda Cash. You can use the price match from your first booking with Agoda.

Signup instructions

  1. Go to Agoda and make sure to sign up.

2. Choose your stay and make your reservation while being logged in. Look for the Agoda Cash symbol to see how much it will bring you.

3. Enjoy the Agoda Cash you have collected for cheaper stays at eligible options.

Agoda Cash FAQ

Here you find the answers to some frequently asked questions about Agoda Cash.

What is Agoda Cash?

In short it’s points that you collect when you book through Agoda. The Agoda Cash you can use for future bookings to get cheaper or even free stays.

How do you collect Agoda Cash?

Some reservations give you Agoda Cash but many don’t. Look for the Agoda Cash symbol when you browse options.

How to use Agoda Cash?

The Agoda Cash can be used to pay for reservations in full or partly. However, not all accommodation options are eligible for redemption of Agoda Cash.

What’s the value of Agoda Cash?

The Agoda Cash you receive should always be worth between 4 and 7% of the value of your reservation. The value differs as different hotel options could give you different amounts of points per dollar you spend.

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