The best things to do in Zion National Park, UT

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Zion National Park is located in the Southwestern part of Utah. The red sandstone cliffs and the narrow canyons are decorated features that attract visitors year after year. Read more to find out about the best things to do in Zion National Park.

Start with the Zion Visitor Center

The best way to begin a visit to Zion National Park is to check out the visitor center. It’s located right at the South Entrance across Virgin River from Springdale.

At the Zion Visitor Center you find park staff who can answer any questions you have, a miniature model of Zion and a sizeable bookstore. So here you find all you need to explore and be up to date about the park.

Zion National Park sign
Welcome to Zion National Park.

Hiking Angels Landing

It needs to be said right away. Zion National Park offers some of the most amazing hikes in America. If you love to hike, you love Zion National Park.

One of the most amazing, and definitely the most scary, is Angels Landing. Hikers ascend roughly 1,500 feet (450 m) with steep switchbacks on a narrow path. To your help there’s a chain to grasp, which you certainly will be thankful for if you do the hike.

Angels Landing is a challenging hike and people with aversion to heights should think twice before doing it. However, Angels Landing is definitely one of the top things to do in Zion National Park.

Angels Landing narrow path
Angels Landing, Zion NP.

Hiking the Narrows

Another hike that’s usually mentioned as one of the best things to do in Zion National Park is the Narrows. But here you need to prepare to get wet, as you walk on the river bottom for a large portion of the hike.

The Narrows is the slimmest part of Zion National Park. To do the hike you need to wade upstream in the water. It’s a very popular hike to do, but it gets closed if the water level is too high.

Narrow hike during daytime
The Narrows, Zion NP.

The Observation Point hike

When you mention hikes in Zion National Park, a third one that needs to be mentioned among the best things to do in Zion National Park is the Observation Point hike. It takes you to the highest point of all the hikes, the top observation point.

From here you can stand and look down on the beauty of the park, including the narrow section of the Angels Landing hike.

Top observation in ZNP
Top Observation Point, Zion NP.

Explore Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is situated in the heart of Zion National Park. From the floor of Zion Canyon you get views of some of the best and most spectacular areas of the park, including Angels Landing.

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is an in-and-out road that starts not far away from the South Entrance of the park, at the visitor center. During most of the year, the park’s shuttle bus takes you up and down the road.

But when the shuttle doesn’t operate, during low season, you can take your own car into Zion Canyon. And to explore Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is one of the best things to do in Zion National Park. Making the drive up to the northern end of the Scenic Drive at Temple of Sinawava and back gives you a great taste of the impressive Zion.

Road with red sandstone and blue sky
Scenic Drive in Zion National Park.

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