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  • Post last modified:April 19, 2021
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Expedia Rewards gives you exclusive member prices and lets you collect points which you can redeem for even cheaper stays. If you climb the tiers you also receive extra perks at selected locations. Read more and find out how the reward program by Expedia works out.

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About Expedia

Expedia was founded in 1996 and has today millions of hotel options available located all over the world. The hotels offered suit all tastes and budgets.

Choose from everything from simple hostels to luxury resorts. No matter what you’re after you’ll find it with Expedia.

Expedia Rewards

There are three reward tiers. These are blue, silver and gold. When you sign up you start in the blue tier.

As soon as you sign up for Expedia Rewards you get access to lower member prices. With them you can save 10% or more on selected hotels. That’s a great start!

On top of that you also collect points that you can redeem for cash. The higher level you are in the more points you receive.

And as a silver or gold member you also receive free perks at so called VIP Access hotels and a more exclusive customer service. If you reach gold you even receive free room upgrades when available at VIP Access hotels.

Expedia levels explained
The different Expedia levels.

Climbing the reward levels

To reach silver level you need to stay 7 nights within a year or reach the threshold amount. And to reach gold you instead need 15 nights or to reach the given amount.

Expedia climbing the reward levels
Climbing the reward levels

Collecting points

The base earning level for participants in Expedia Rewards is 2 points per $1 for hotel bookings. In other words this is how much you earn when you are in the blue tier.

If you climb to the silver level any points you earn will be accelerated with a 10% boost. In the gold level a boost of 30% applies. So if you book a room for $100 you receive 200 points if you’re in the blue level, 220 points if you’re a silver member and 260 points if you’ve reached gold.

Currently Expedia offers double points if you book through the app. That means a nice boost of points to use for cheaper accommodation.

In the silver and gold levels you also receive 250 extra points when you book a VIP Access hotel. The VIP Access hotels are a selected group of hotels that offer extra fine service and receive high ratings from member reviews.

Expedia how to earn points
How to earn points on Expedia.

Using points

Now you know how to collect points. But how much are your treasured points worth?

140 points equals to $1 towards a booking. So each point you earn is worth 0.7 cents. As a standard blue member who makes a $100 reservation that equals to roughly 1.4$ back. You would need to stay more than 70 nights to get a free night of the same value. That’s not much.

With the points accelerator you as a silver member get roughly $1.6 back and as a gold member $1.9 back on that same $100 reservation. Still not very much.

But, if you use your points for VIP Access hotels they are worth double. So by doing that you could increase the value of the points you have.

If you as a gold member made a $100 reservation on a VIP Access hotel you received 260 points with the accelerator boost plus another 250 points for the VIP reservation. If you use them for another VIP Access hotel your 510 points would be worth 1020 points which equals to getting $7.3 back on your original $100 reservation

Expedia how to use points
How to save using Expedia points.

Expedia Rewards review

The best part of using Expedia Rewards is that you get access to the exclusive member prices. That alone saves you 10% or more on selected locations.

Points collecting is a bit messy. You have to look into it to understand what you get in return. And when you look closely the rewards aren’t great.

Using VIP Access hotels could boost your value when you collect and use points, but not always do the hotels you want to use belong to that category. So that’s a real problem and most likely the rewards from the redemption of points will remain low.

When you look at the points system you should probably just look at it as a nice extra reward. If you use Expedia try to find a good deal with member prices and if you can get value from your points that’s just something extra.

Signup instructions

1. Go to Expedia and make sure to sign up or log in if you already are a member.

2. Choose your stay and make your reservation while being logged in to your account.

3. Collect stays and get upgraded.

4. Enjoy member prices, redeem your points for cheaper stays and get extra perks if you reach silver or gold.

Expedia Rewards FAQ

Here you find the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Expedia Rewards.

How many Expedia.com Rewards levels are there? 

There are three reward levels. These are the blue level, silver level and gold level. This means that the highest reward level is the gold level.

What’s the price discount in Expedia Rewards? 

All participating travelers receive points when booking to use for future stays. The rate depends on how you collect and use your points. You also get access to member prices, which mean another 10% or more off on selected locations.

Can you get free breakfast by climbing the levels in Expedia.com Rewards?

 Yes, in the silver and gold levels you can receive extra perks at selected locations. Free breakfast is one such perk.

How many stays do you need to be upgraded to silver and gold? 

For silver you need to collect 7 nights or reach the threshold amount during a membership year and for gold 15 nights or reach given amount during a membership year.

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