Five reasons to go to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Five reasons to go to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
The Old Faithful erupts on time, just like its name suggests.

It’s the world’s first national park. It’s Yellowstone National Park. Find out why you should go there!

#1.The Hot Springs

Did you know that 60% of the world’s hot springs and geysers are inside Yellowstone? That’s how many there are. The most photographed thermal feature in the park is the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring. It’s bigger than a football field and its size makes it the third largest spring in the entire world. But as much as the size is impressive, the bright colors are stunning. The spring is blue in the middle with layers of orange, yellow and green around it.

The Grand Prismatic Spring
The Grand Prismatic Spring shows off its bright colors.

#2.The Geysers

Among all the geysers there is one that stands out a little bit extra. That’s the Old Faithful Geyser. The name is very suitable, because you can count on that it will put on a show. Its intervals typically range from around one to two hours. If you missed an eruption, the next one shouldn’t be too far away.

The Old Faithful
The Old Faithful erupts on time, just like its name suggests.

#3. To feel like you’re in a painting

There’s much to adore in Yellowstone. In the tough competition the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone stands out as a place you really need to experience. It´s so visually attractive that you will feel like you´re in a painting.

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, like a beautiful painting.

#4. The Bison encounters

Bisons roam around freely in Yellowstone. The first time you see them is a special feeling. Find a nice viewing point in Lamar Valley and watch them stampede below you. Just make sure that you plan your time wisely when you are in bison areas. Bison jams occur all the time and when they decide to stop blocking traffic is up to them!

Bison hoard in Lamar Valley.
Lamar Valley is full of bison like usual.

#5. How huge it is

In size Yellowstone National Park is larger than the states Rhode Island and Delaware. It’s so big that one day isn’t nearly enough to cover the park. Its largeness makes it possible for you to find peace in the park even though it’s drawing large crowds of tourists each year.

Forest in Yellowstone
Yellowstone is huge!

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