The perfect itinerary for a Fort Myers Beach vacation, FL

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Fort Myers in Florida could be the perfect weekend, week or even month long getaway. There are so many great things to do in Fort Myers Beach and its surroundings. Cruise the waters, visit the Edison and Ford estates and of course don’t miss to include the beautiful beaches on your Fort Myers itinerary.

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Enjoy the white and sandy Fort Myers Beach

Above all, the best thing to do in Fort Myers Beach is to enjoy the spectacular beaches. The Fort Myers Beach coastline is about 7 miles (11 km) long with good beach spots everywhere. Florida’s Gulf Coast is the beach lover’s dream, and Fort Myers Beach is certainly no exception.

Fort Myers Beach also offers plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops to choose from. So when you go on a Fort Myers Beach vacation, you really have everything you need for fun days on the white and sandy dunes.

Fort Myers Beach view during daytime
Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Check out Times Square

Fort Myers Beach has its own Times Square. There, on the northern part of the island, you find a good selection of restaurants, watering holes and even some shopping. Times Square is the best place to go to in Fort Myers Beach for entertainment.

The area of and adjacent to Times Square is the more lively part of Fort Myers Beach. Going further south on the island means more peacefulness during your Fort Myers Beach vacation.

Times Square at Fort Myers Beach getaway
Times Square in Fort Myers Beach.

Walk Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier

In the Times Square area of the island, you find the Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier. From the pier, you get a beautiful view over the 7 miles (11 km) long Fort Myers Beach coastline.

If you look in the other direction out over the water, you can also spot Sanibel Island on the horizon. The Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier really showcases the gorgeous surroundings.

Most understandably, members of the animal kingdom enjoy the environment at the Fort Myers pier as much as its human visitors. In particular, pelicans like to circulate the Fort Myers Fishing Pier for fish, so expect them to keep you company.

The cool pelicans, salty air and warm tropical breeze make you feel better than ever when visiting Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier. Its pleasant atmosphere and the stunning views make walking the pier well worth the effort, and something you need to include on the Fort Myers Beach itinerary.

Fort Myers Beach Pier Florida during sunset
Fort Myers Beach Pier.

Experience Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Already at this point, you have probably come to the conclusion that Fort Myers is a pretty decent place to live in. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford thought the same and purchased properties in Fort Myers, where they escaped the cold and spent their winters.

Today, the properties contain an educational museum and an extensive botanical garden. The Edison and Ford Winter Estates truly take you on a walk through American history.

A Fort Myers itinerary highlight is, in particular, the Edison Botanic Research Laboratory, containing original equipment and machinery. But throughout the historic estates you find a lot to learn and be fascinated about on your Fort Myers vacation.

In addition to history, the wonderful setting, underscored by the lovely garden, is alone a big reason to head to the Edison and Ford estates. A visit is not only one of the best things to do in Fort Myers for history buffs, but also something that anyone can enjoy.

House and palm trees in Florida.
The Henry Ford House in Fort Myers.

Have a quiet day in South Fort Myers Beach

Most Fort Myers Beach visitors hang out on the northern part of the island, in the area around Times Square. That’s a great location if you want to have most things to do in Fort Myers Beach nearby, including places to eat and drink.

Yet, if you want a quiet beach day, it’s smarter to head to South Fort Myers Beach. The southern part of the island is as beautiful, but has less visitors than the northern area. So it’s a delightful vacation spot in Fort Myers Beach for beach days away from the bigger crowds further north.

A quiet day on a Fort Myers Beach vacation
South Fort Myers Beach.

See the shelling capital of the world

A lovely thing to do near Fort Myers Beach is to explore Sanibel Island. It only takes around 30 minutes for you to get there from Fort Myers Beach.

On Sanibel and neighboring Captiva, you find world class shelling. Sanibel Island is even called the “Shelling Capital of the World” for its optimal shelling conditions.

So explore all the variations of shells as you enjoy the relaxing lifestyle and Sanibel Island things to do on your vacation to Fort Myers Beach. You need to be very unlucky not to find a pretty shell on Sanibel.

Shelling on Sanibel Island
The Sanibel Lighthouse.

Cruise the waters of the area on your Fort Myers Beach vacation

A great way to see and understand the Fort Myers region during your Florida beach vacation is to set sail and discover the waters in the vicinity.

Why not go on a boat that takes you to islands you can’t reach by your car? Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa State Park are popular and extremely beautiful places to visit near Fort Myers Beach.

Or, maybe a sunset or dolphin cruise is what you really want on your Fort Myers getaway?

Dolphins in Florida swimming in the ocean during daytime
Florida dolphins.

Bring your lover to Lovers Key

Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel & Captiva Island are not the only beach gems in the area to include on your Fort Myers itinerary. Just take a short ride south, and you get to the beach paradise Lovers Key State Park.

Lovers Key was once not accessible by car or foot, only by boat. As the story goes, it has gotten its name from the lovers that traveled there for the beautiful, peaceful and remote beach. Nowadays, Lovers Key is easily reachable by car, and it’s one of four islands that together form the state park.

In Lovers Key, you don’t have the liveliness of Fort Myers Beach. Instead, it’s the perfect place for really lazy and quiet beach days as you recharge your batteries during your Fort Myers Beach vacation.

And if you want to have a break from relaxing on the beach, there are nice hiking trails throughout the state park. Sometimes when you explore Lovers Key State Park, you can spot dolphins, manatees, spoonbills and eagles that call the area their home.

The beach in Lovers Key State Park.
The beach in Lovers Key State Park.

Explore a new beach in Bonita Springs

One of the best things to do when visiting Fort Myers Beach is to explore the many beaches in the area. A new day means a new paradise beach to enjoy on a Fort Myers Beach vacation.

If you continue just a few miles past Lovers Key State Park, you get to another pristine beach community. Bonita Springs is renowned for its stunning beaches.

Bonita Beach is a great alternative to Fort Myers Beach and Lovers Key State Park. It’s less congested than Fort Myers Beach but more lively than Lovers Key State Park. Barefoot Beach is also a highlight that’s often mentioned as one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Southwest Florida but also in America.

Couple on Bonita Beach during sunset
Early evening on Bonita Beach.

Sit back and watch the spectacular Fort Myers Beach sunset

With its location on Florida’s western coast, Fort Myers Beach offers spectacular sunsets. Watching the sunset from the beach, or from the water on a sunset cruise, is the perfect end to a day on your Fort Myers Beach getaway.

So just sit back and take in the nightly show. Every sunset is something special when you spend it in the gorgeous Fort Myers Beach.

Sunset at Fort Myers Beach
Sunset view from Fort Myers Beach.

Find a hotel for your Fort Myers Beach vacation, FL

Use the booking tool below to find the perfect places to stay in Fort Myers Beach. Browse the map for options in various areas, or click on the search button to get all options listed.

Fort Myers Beach vacation itinerary FAQ

Is Fort Myers Beach a good vacation spot?

Fort Myers Beach is often mentioned among the best places in Florida to vacation. It’s blessed with a beautiful beach and warm weather around the year. As a bonus, the area is also home to several other gems, including the nearby Sanibel Island, which adds another dimension to the beach getaway.

Is there a lot to do in Fort Myers Beach?

With a stunning shoreline, restaurants, bars and shops, you have all you need for a good time in Fort Myers Beach. Attraction highlights in the area include the Edison and Ford Estates, Sanibel Island and Lovers Key.

How long is Fort Myers Fishing Pier?

The Fort Myers Fishing Pier extends 560 feet (171 m) into the blue Gulf of Mexico. From the pier, you have a great view over the 7 miles (11 km) long Fort Myers Beach coastline.

How far is it from Fort Myers Beach to Sanibel Island?

The driving distance from Fort Myers Beach to Sanibel Island is 12 miles (19 km). It takes about 30 minutes to go by car from Fort Myers Beach to Sanibel Island.

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