A beach day on Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach is a town that’s located on Estero Island in the region Southwest Florida. Here you find a beautiful beach with all you need for a fun day on the dunes.

View over Fort Myers Beach from Lani Kai
View over Fort Myers Beach from Lani Kai.

A beach with all needs covered

Before Estero Island was connected to the mainland, Fort Myers Beach was mostly known for its impressive coastline with shallow water.

Nowadays the beach makes visitors come from near and far, and the area has become more vibrant than it used to be. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops to choose from. Most of the action is in the area adjacent to the Fort Myers Beach Pier in the area called Times Square.

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The best spot on Fort Myers Beach

The beach has many entrances and different places where you can park. Afterall, the coastline is about 7 miles long. The further south or further away from Times Square you go, the more quiet and less crowded it is.

A popular option is to find a spot a little south of Times Square. That way you can have a pretty quiet time on the beach, but without going too far away from places to eat and have a drink.

Fresh tacos from Yo! Taco across the street.
Lunch across the street from the beach and Lani Kai.

A beautiful Gulf Coast sunset to end the beach day

The best way to finish a day on Fort Myers Beach is to watch the sun set on the horizon. You can do it from the dunes, or you can reserve a table and do it from one of the many restaurants along the coast with ocean view.

Sunset on Fort Myers Beach.
Sunset on Fort Myers Beach.

Other places to visit near Fort Myers Beach

Sanibel Island is a great place to visit when you are in the Fort Myers area. It’s a quiet island that is perfect for that quiet break from reality.

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Another side trip is to make the also very short drive down to Lovers Key Beach. There you find another beautiful but more secluded beach.

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Shelling on Sanibel Island
The Sanibel Lighthouse.

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