A spectacular route through Mojave National Preserve, CA

  • Post last modified:October 6, 2021
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The world famous Roy's Motel and Café.

My initial plan was to write a post about my Death Valley experience. However, while planning the post out I realized how much fun driving there was. Going through Mojave National Preserve was spectacular.

Before we went we made research to find the most scenic route coming from south, and I’m confident that we found it. Therefore I just had to write this post about our drive through the Mojave National Preserve on our way to Death Valley.

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Experience the famous Route 66

From south to north, beginning in Desert Hot Springs, we headed north on California State Route 62/Twentynine Palms Highway. When driving through you have Joshua Tree National Park on your right hand side, but we saved that one another day.

Instead, after a while on California State Route 62 we turned left on to Godwin Road to get to Amboy road which we followed until we came to Amboy.

When you get to Amboy you also get to a stretch of the world famous Route 66 and Roy’s Motel and Café. Of course we had to make a stop there!

Roy's Motel and Café in the desert
The world famous Roy’s Motel and Café.

Amazing views in Mojave National Preserve

After passing by Roy’s Motel and Café make a left to Kelbaker Road. It takes you into the Mojave National Preserve. Here we found the most scenic observation points.

The heart of Mojave National Preserve
The heart of the Mojave. Incredibly beautiful.

The desert was very solitary. It was so quiet that you could hear a pen drop. Every now and then a lonely car passed by. But that was it.

To continue on the route just follow Kelbaker Road all the way through until you reach Baker. That’s where the Mojave National Preserve ends.

If you’re heading to Death Valley then continue on California State Route 127/ Death Valley Road and turn left at Shoeshone or Death Valley Junction.

Straight road in Mojave National Preserve
Mojave National Preserve. Long empty roads.

All in all a great route when going to Death Valley

We had to stop quite a few times during the trip to enjoy the beauty of the preserve. Not many people seem to take the route because it was extremely quiet compared to Death Valley.

You get to see a very scenic route in a solitary environment if you take the route through the preserve. It’s not only about getting from point A to point B, but you also get to experience something very nice and memorable on the way.

Actually, we are so happy we did it that we won’t hesitate to make a detour to drive the same route again.