All the reasons to go on a road trip

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A road trip is a fun and exciting way to travel. By road tripping you get to see so much that you otherwise would miss out on. To go on a road trip allows you to see more, do more and be more flexible.

There are so many good reasons to hit the open roads. Some are more obvious and some are reasons that you maybe haven’t thought about before. Here you have the list with all the best reasons to road trip.

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1. As it’s as much about the journey as about the destination

When you go on a road trip you reject the thinking that getting from point A to point B purely is a question of transportation. Instead, you embrace new experiences while you travel. That way every part of the trip remains fun.

The journey is as important as the destination
The journey is as important as the destination.

2. To be in charge of your travels

When you are behind the wheel you and only you can decide to reschedule your plans. Maybe you prefer to hike before lunch to get some fresh air in your lungs? Sure, just take the next exit and continue the drive later. Or if you feel like stopping by the lake instead of going for a hike in the mountains? Just make a right at the next intersection instead of a left!

3. Because you’re on a budget

It can be very cheap to make a road trip. Forget about airport parking or expensive hotels and restaurants at central locations. Many of the places you have the chance to visit during a road trip are far away from the big cities and tend to be either cheap or even free.

Budget for a road trip
A road trip could be very budget friendly.

4. If you like planning trips

It could be fun to plan activities or browse hotels for an upcoming destination. But still the destination limits the options you have.

When you set a whole road trip itinerary you have much more to play with. Should you go north or south? Visit an Amish community or see the longest cave system in the world? Finish the trip in Miami or continue all the way down to the Southernmost Point in Key West?

Key West from above
The paradise island Key West.

5. Go on a road trip to avoid the beaten path

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Empire State Building and Disney World. They are great places to visit. It’s just that it’s fun to broaden your horizons as well.

An exciting way to spice up a road trip is to plan in at least one stop in a place that you hadn’t heard about before you started to plan the trip. One such stop could be New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. Did you know that the New River Gorge Bridge is a stunning place to visit?

New River Gorge Bridge
New River Gorge Bridge.

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6. Because you like counting states and countries

The number of states or countries you have been to shouldn’t be something you worry about. But isn’t it fun to keep track of your travels and what you have had the pleasure to explore so far? A road trip is definitely good for your number.

Counting states and countries
What’s your number?

7. To see and learn more

When you go by airplane you pretty much skip all the areas between your departure location and the destination. If you instead make a road trip and visit places throughout your route you get to see more and learn more about the world. Did you know that the Roanoke in Virginia has the Roanoke star, just like Los Angeles has the Hollywood sign?

The Roanoke star during cross country road trip
Roanoke’s star.

8. To have time for reflection

The hours you spend in your car could quickly add up during a road trip. The good thing about that is that you after every new experience have well-needed time to grasp what you just have experienced and to think about and/or discuss it with your travel companions.

Time for reflection on a road trip
Sometimes to rest is the best way to take in new experiences.

9. As a way to see old friends and relatives you otherwise never see

As dynamic as life is, friends and family members move to different parts of the country and even the world. Some to more remote places than other.  Years could pass between the moments you see each other. But, a small detour during your road trip could be the golden opportunity for that wished-for reunion.

Reunion when you make a road trip
A road trip could be a good time for a reunion.

10. As you want to bring your basketball and tennis racquets

It’s great fun to play some basket or tennis at a stop during your trip. But when you fly you often need to leave some of your favorite belongings at home. To fit a basketball or tennis racquets in your luggage for a flight is easier said than done. It will likely just end with you having to pay extra for the equipment. Especially if you relocate but also on a road trip vacation it’s much easier to bring all you need in your car. You don’t even need to pack the equipment down. Just fit it in and go!

Find time to be active when you go on a road trip
Bring your sport equipment and stay active during your road trip.

11. Or that big bottle of lemonade

We all want to keep traveling by air safe. Let’s be a hundred percent clear about that. But it could be a bit frustrating to have to leave your refreshments at home just to buy them for five times as much at the airport. When you go for a road trip you can bring any liquid containers as long as they fit in your car.

Bring lemonade on your road trip
Don’t forget your favourite refreshment for the road trip!

12. A road trip is the most flexible way to travel

North or south? Right or left? Should we go further south to avoid the cold weather front? Wait, are we that close to Mount Rushmore? Let’s go there!  When you go on a road trip you can keep options open and literally take one mile at a time.

Take one mile at a time during your road trip
One mile at a time.

13. Go on a road trip for the adventurer in you

The fact that you yourself are in full charge of the trip and the freedom that comes with the flexibility makes traveling more of an adventure. And you are the person who writes the script.

On a road trip you never know what's around the corner
What’s around the turn

14. To catch up or get to know someone better

A road trip with someone is a great opportunity to catch up. Everything you discovery together during a road trip will bring you closer to each other. And if you’re not sure if you and your companion are close. After a two week road trip you will for sure know each other very well!

Catching up when going on a road trip
A road trip is a great time to catch up.

15. Go on a road trip for solitude

Do you need to get away from it all for a while? Just load the car and drive to that pretty village in the mountains you always have wanted to go to. Or to the beautiful national parks you visited too long ago. Sometimes it’s nice to avoid crowds and get some me-time or us-time.

Go on a road trip for solitude
A cabin in the woods could be the solitude you need.

16. To make a short or a long trip

A road trip can last for a day, a week, a month or even a year. You decide exactly when you want to leave and when to get back.

Check the calendar to plan in your road trip
It’s only up to you for how long you will be away.

17. Or to have three trips in one trip

Do you want a city vacation, a beach vacation or a vacation in national parks? When you male a road trip you don’t have to choose. You can include all you want in your travel itinerary to create the perfect vacation.

New York Times Square
Times Square.

18. Because road trips are remembered like no other trips

During road trips you see more and you have more opportunities to reflect on all the impressions you get. This mix of seeing more and reflecting more is a recipe for life long memories.

Car for American cross country road trip
Nothing beats a cross country road trip.

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