The 7 best stops of the Blue Ridge Parkway

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The 7 best stops of the Blue Ridge Parkway

America’s favourite drive is one of the best drives you can do. It starts in Virginia and ends in North Carolina. During its 469 miles (750 km) it lets you discover some of the most incredible sights of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Planning where to stop along the parkway could be a tricky task. Here we have 7 musts for every Blue Ridge Parkway itinerary.

1. The beautiful Linville Falls and Gorge

Linville Falls is a waterfall in distinctive steps that is on many postcards featuring the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a must see when you explore the Blue Ridge Parkway and the highlight is the drop of 45-foot (14 m) at the lower part of the falls. To get away from the crowds it’s recommended to go for a hike in the gorge. There you can appreciate the beautiful nature of the Appalachian Mountains in a more quiet setting.

Linville Gorge near Blowing Rock
Linville Gorge.

2. Roanoke’s eternal star

Not all fun things along the Blue Ridge Parkway are made my nature. A clear example of a man-made sight is Roanoke’s Star. The star is about 90 feet (30 m) tall and positioned on the top of Mill Mountain. From there it guards over Roanoke.

The Roanoke star during cross country road trip
Roanoke’s star.

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3. Moses Cone’s historical mansion

Flat Top Manor is the historical mansion that Moses Cone started to develop with his wife in the late 1800s. The mansion is historically interesting but no matter if you like history or not, the lush landscape around you will capture your interest.

Flat Top Manor in Blowing ROck
Flat Top Manor.

4. Every photographer’s dream at the Mabry Mill

Many places along the Blue Ridge Parkway get photographed and popularized through social media. The Mabry Mill could be the perfect photo opportunity. Here the beautiful nature of the Blue Ridge Mountains meets the historical Mabry Mill.

Mabry Mill of Blue Ridge Parkway road trip
The Mabry Mill is the definition of picturesque.

5. Hike to the McAfee Knob

Just a short drive from Roanoke the Appalachian Trail waits to be discovered. The McAfee knob is a rock overhang perch that you reach if you make the about 8-mile in total hike. The best of the Blue Ridge Parkway is the nature and the hike and the McAfee knob really shows that.

The McAfee knob during Blue Ridge Parkway road trip
McAfee knob of the Appalachian Trail.

6. The mystery of the blowing rock

Blowing Rock in North Carolina got its name from the blowing rock just outside the village. From here the view of the surroundings is spectacular. But don’t forget to read about the local legend before you go.

Blowing Rock during the Blue RIdge Parkway road trip
Blowing Rock.

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7. America’s largest home at America’s favourite drive

If you drive north to south you don’t have too many miles left when you reach Asheville. Nevertheless, in Asheville you find one of the coolest things to do along the entire distance. Namely, you can visit the Biltmore Estate which is the largest privately owned home in America. With a size of almost 179,000 square feet (16600 m2) you don’t need to worry about if you can fit that pool table in or not.

Visit to the Biltmore Estate
The Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

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Want a full itinerary for the Blue Ridge Parkway road trip?

There’s so much to see and do along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Check out the the stops above and more on our Blue Ridge Parkway itinerary from north to south.

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