Three reasons to visit Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  • Post last modified:February 23, 2021
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Three reasons to visit Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Nauset Lighthouse Cape Cod.

When you enter the Cape you´re not only shifting your geographical position, it´s also likely that the trip over the often crowded bridges gets you into another state of mind. This is why we think you should head there!

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#1. The ambience

A manmade canal separates the mainland and the cape we call Cape Cod, or just the Cape. As soon as you´ve passed the canal you´re likely to feel that special and idyllic ambience. The feeling is calming. No matter where you are on the Cape you are close to water. That means that the sandy beaches are nearby, but also the romantic lighthouses and the tiny picturesque seaside towns.

Be prepared that stores not are open 24/7. The same goes for restaurants. Thanks to that things really close at night, the light pollution is not is as intense as in many other places. As an effect you will have good chances of seeing beautiful night skies during your stay in the cape.

Three Sisters Lighthouses
Three Sisters Lighthouses in Eastham.
Drive-in theatre Cape Cod
Drive-in theatre Cape Cod.

#2. The beaches

When on the Cape you are always close to a beach. In fact, for a first time beach goer it could be hard to pick where to stay because there are so many nice beaches to choose between.

The Cape Cod national Seashore consists of almost 40 miles of beaches. A favourite is Race Point Beach that you find in Provincetown. But keep your faith up if you already have booked your stay further south. There are nice beach spots all along the coast.

Summer is high season. But don´t worry. You will be able to find nice spots along the coastline even in the peak of high season. Just go for a walk to get away from the area closest to the parking area. Think about it, there are 40 miles of seashore!

Nauset Lighthouse Beach
Nauset Lighthouse Beach.
National Seashore Cape Cod
National Seashore Cape Cod.
Race Point Beach
Race Point Beach.

#3. The food

If you like seafood you have come to the right place. There are more than a few great seafood restaurants to choose from. Or you can of course go to a market and buy seafood to cook it yourself.

There are other food than seafood to choose from. If you´re in for something else, why not try the Fairway Restaurant & Pizzeria in Eastham? They have not only pizza, which by the way tastes delicious, but also other Italian and American dishes.

Fish Tacos Cape Cod
Fish Tacos Cape Cod.