Travel itineraries

Welcome to the navigation page for travel itineraries. Are you ready for your next road trip adventure?

The itineraries you find here vary from trips coast to coast and major north to south routes to shorter trips to highlight certain areas of America.

The road trip routes

Every road trip page contains the route on a map which you can zoom, share and print.

And if the information about each stop along the road trip route isn’t enough there often is a possibility to dig even deeper by clicking to read more.

To start out, simply click on a route below to read more about it.

Why go on a road trip?

A road trip is a fun way to see not only more places but also places you otherwise never would see. A well-planned road trip creates memories for life!

It also keeps you in charge of your trip and it’s certainly a very flexible way to travel.

But there are many other reasons to go on a trip with your car too.

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Travel itineraries FAQ

How are the travel times calculated? They have been calculated by taking driving time from Google Maps between point A and B and rounding up to the closest half hour. Travel times for the road trips are never including any stops. So make sure that you add enough time to fully enjoy your trips.

Which is the best travel itinerary? Although it’s a tempting question for anyone to ask, it’s impossible to answer without knowing your interests. Some prefer a road trip in the red desert of Utah, while others rather explore the magnificence of Niagara Falls. Or maybe warm weather and a Florida road trip is what you’re really after?