Travel rewards

Many of the major online travel agencies have travel reward systems for their loyal customers. And the reward programs can make you spend less money on your hotel reservations.

Are you ready to save some money on the next hotel you book?

Rewards on hotel sites

Travel reward including member prices, loyalty systems and discount codes make your hotel stays cheaper.

Just click on a reward program below to find out more about it.

Airbnb has a sign up bonus and all you need to do to get it is to use a referral link when you open your account.

Benefits of the reward systems

The travel rewards come in different forms. But generally you could divide them into 4 different types. These are membership prices, loyalty systems, discount codes and other rewards such as free breakfast or a room upgrade.

Membership prices

Some rates are only available for members. So all you need to do to get the travel rewards in form of lower prices is to sign up, log in and start searching for good deals.

These special rates you only see when you are logged in. That means that if you aren’t logged in you can’t see the member rates.

Most sites have these kinds of membership rates. They go under different names but for example on it’s called Secret Deal and on Secret Price.

It’s so easy to get these lower prices that it’s silly not to get them. Just sign up and pay less!

Cash rewards

Then of course we have what is mostly associated with a loyalty system. Namely, when you use the site to collect nights or points that later on will give you cheaper or even free stays. has the Genius Program which can give you up 15% off prices that other customers won’t get.

Meanwhile can give you 1 night free after 10 completed stays.

Agoda and Expedia let you collect point that you later can use instead of cash to pay for your hotel.

So there are different ways to get this part of your travel rewards. And there are different member levels to climb. The more frequent of a booker you are the better rewards you will get.

Discount codes

The most straightforward way to save money on your hotel reservations is to use a discount code. Then you save money as soon as you make the reservation.

So when you use a discount code you don’t need to wait for the reward unlike when you collect points in a reward system.

Discount codes are especially frequent during campaign periods such as Black Weekend or the Christmas Sale. But they can be available at any time, so keep your eyes open.

Other rewards such as free breakfast or upgrades

Then on top of the money rewards it could be that the loyalty system enables you to get perks that aren’t in cents on dollars.

These perks could be free breakfast, room upgrades, early check in or late check out.

The higher membership level you’re in, the better your chances generally are to get these benefits.

Travel rewards FAQ

What hotel loyalty systems are there? Expedia Rewards, Hotels Rewards, Agoda Cash and Booking Genius are the reward systems that are included in this guide.

Which is the best loyalty system? It’s really hard to conclude which the best travel reward system is as it depends on who uses it. Expedia Rewards, Hotels Rewards, Agoda Cash and Booking Genius all have their pros and cons.

Do you pay to join a travel reward system? No, it’s 100% free to join the reward systems mentioned on this page. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up.