Visit Savannah, the first city of Georgia

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Visit Savannah, the first city of Georgia

Savannah is located in the eastern part of Georgia, just at the border to South Carolina. The location is spectacular on the Savannah River, upriver from the Atlantic Ocean. Most noteworthy the city itself was established already in 1733, which means that it’s the oldest city in Georgia. And one of the strongest reasons to visit Savannah is to experience the Historic District.

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Historic District in Savannah

The downtown area of Savannah is among the largest National Historic landmark Districts in the entire US. It to a large extent retains the original town plan from the time of establishment. But Savannah could have had a far different appearance today. That is if it wasn’t for a general belonging to the Union during the American Civil War.

Atmosphere down by the river
The atmosphere is often so nice down at the river that you can touch it.

Savannah’s ideal location at the Atlantic Ocean made the city extremely important strategically during the American Revolution and the Civil War. General William Tecumseh Sherman entered the city during the latter after having burned many towns down on his way to to reach the Atlantic Ocean.

Luckily though, Sherman was too impressed by the beauty of the city to burn it down. Instead of burning the city of Savannah down he offered it as a Christmas gift to no less than President Abraham Lincoln. And thanks to that we today can enjoy the historic treasure that Savannah is.

Significant features of Historic District in Savannah are the wonderful tree-lined streets, the old buildings, the monuments and the squares.

Fountain in Savannah
Fountain accompanied by the Savannah typical trees in downtown.

Good weather and southern hospitality

The southern location of Savannah makes it a good place to visit year round. In October the temperature on average daily reaches 74° Fahrenheit (23° Celsius). So the mild climate and the beautiful downtown area of Savannah makes it a good city for strolling around throughout the year.

As it is a southern city you are also likely to feel the southern hospitality while visiting. The hospitality and the laidback atmosphere are attributes easy to appreciate. Especially when you as a visitor want a break from your everyday hustle and bustle.

The best beach near Savannah

Especially if you visit during the warmer half of the year, you may want to go to the beach. So where is the best beach near Savannah? Luckily, Tybee Island is only about 30 minutes away by car. There you can spend a whole day on a beach that is huge and beautiful.

Tybee Island pier at dawn
Another day begins on Tybee Island.

Where to stay when you visit Savannah

The Old Town of Savannah is the most comfortable place to stay when you explore the city. Then you have the rich history and the wonderful attributes associated with Savannah just at the door steps of your hotel.

If you travel on a budget staying in a hotel further away from the Historic District will be cheaper. However, have in mind that Old Town is where you will want to go every day of your visit.

The many reasons to visit

In Savannah you can visit the beautiful Historic District in the oldest city of Georgia. Enjoy tree-lined streets, historic monuments, beautiful buildings and relaxing squares.

And the historic district comes with southern hospitality and mild weather. To top that there also is a great beach to go to in case you want to include beach days in your stay.

So to sum it up Savannah is a great city for a short break or even a longer stay. There is so much to explore in and around the city. And it makes it even more fun to do so in such a beautiful and comfortable environment that Savannah is.

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