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Cape Cod in Massachusetts is home to a spectacular coastline dotted with cozy towns and picturesque lighthouses. The charming New England peninsula is the perfect destination for the ocean lover. But where to stay in Cape Cod for the best experience?

The Outer Cape area is the best place to stay in Cape Cod for secludedness. Other areas with Cape Cod hotels are Lower Cape, Mid Cape and Upper Cape.

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Where to stay overview

Outer Cape, MA – The best place to stay in Cape Cod for secludedness

The Outer Cape is the northeastern part of Cape Cod. It’s the area that’s located furthest away from the mainland and the most secluded option for where to stay in Cape Cod.

In the Outer Cape you from south to north find the towns Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown. It’s also in the Outer Cape that you find the famous Cape Cod National Seashore with its stunning beaches.

The town Eastham at the beginning of the Outer Cape area is a good compromise between the peacefulness that Cape Cod National Seashore offers and access to other parts of Cape Cod. In Eastham you find Cape Cod hotels that are far away enough to offer solitude but still central enough to make it easy to travel to other parts of the Massachusetts peninsula.

Wellfleet and Truro are alternatives for where to stay in Cape Cod that are located further north. At Cape Cod lodging in the two towns you are further away from the liveliness. Wellfleet is the bigger of the two, but both are great towns in Cape Cod if you look for peacefulness and don’t mind being a drive away from things to do.

Provincetown is located on the northern tip of Cape Cod. It’s the most lively town on the peninsula and a great choice if you look for a buzzing place. The scenic Race Point Beach in Provincetown also makes it one of the best towns in Cape Cod if you want a picturesque beach to hang out on.

In short, the Outer Cape is the best place to stay in Cape Cod for secludedness. Eastham is closest to the other Cape Cod areas, while Wellfleet and Truro are more isolated Cape Cod towns. In contrast Provincetown offers the best Cape Cod hotels if you look for an area with more energy and things going on.

  • Pick Upper Cape for: Cape Cod hotels furthest from the mainland.

Breakwater Hotel – Cape Cod accommodation by the water in Provincetown

At Breakwater Hotel you stay right across the street from the water. Although it’s not in the heart of Provincetown, just a short drive or healthy walk takes you from the Cape Cod lodging to all that the New England town has to offer.

House at Race Point Beach during sunset — a beautiful place to stay in Cape Cod
Sunset at Race Point Beach, Cape Cod.

Lower Cape, MA – Convenient and peaceful Cape Cod lodging

Lower Cape is the part of Cape Cod that’s located before Outer Cape but after the areas closest to the mainland. It’s a convenient location that still is far away enough from the mainland to offer the signature laid-back Cape Cod ambience.

The Cape Cod towns Orleans, Brewster, Harwich and Chatham are located in the Lower Cape. It’s also in the Lower Cape area that you find the charming spots Long Pond and Nickerson State Park.

Orleans is the town closest to the Outer Cape and a great choice for where to stay on Cape Cod if you can’t decide between Outer Cape or Lower Cape. The town sits right at Cape Cod National Seashore and gives you access to both Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic side.

Brewster is a nice Lower Cape town on the protected Cape Cod Bay. In contrast the town Harwich is located across the peninsula on Nantucket Sound. The Nantucket Sound is known to offer warmer temperatures than Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic side of Cape Cod.

On the southeastern tip of Cape Cod, also known as the elbow of the peninsula, the quaint town Chatham sits. Out there, among the peaceful and beautiful scenery, you really feel like you’re at exactly the right place.

To sum up, all the Lower Cape towns have in common that they are across Bass River and offer a laid-back Cape Cod lifestyle. The Lower Cape is a great alternative for where to stay in Cape Cod if you look for something peaceful but still convenient.

  • Pick Lower Cape for: A peaceful and convenient Cape Cod place to stay.

Favorite location. Lower Cape gives you the best of both worlds. The option for where to stay in Cape Cod is far enough away from the mainland to offer solitude. Still the location is also convenient for exploring other Cape Cod areas.

Old Harbor Inn – Excellent Cape Cod lodging in Chatham

In the downtown area in Chatham the idyllic Old Harbor Inn sits. At the Cape Cod inn you’re just steps from Chatham’s historic seaside village.

But the best thing about Old Harbor Inn still is the quintessential Cape Cod ambience. A stay at the Cape Cod inn is exactly how you imagine the perfect New England getaway.

Beach and waving American flag in Chatham, where you find quintessential Cape Cod lodging
Chatham, MA.

Mid Cape, MA – A central location with best Nantucket access

Mid Cape is the second Cape Cod area when you come from the mainland. It’s a great option for where to stay in Cape Cod if you want both a central location on the peninsula and good access to ferries.

In Mid Cape you find the towns Dennis, Yarmouth and Barnstable. All three of them have coastlines on both Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound. Mid Cape is also the area where you find the quickest ferry connection to Nantucket Island.

Dennis and Yarmouth are two great options for where to stay in Cape Cod. In both towns you find beautiful beaches to enjoy. They are known as some of the most convenient and nicest towns to stay in Cape Cod for families.

Barnstable is the biggest town in Cape Cod. Its village Hyannis is a hub with a fun downtown area that is alive most times of the year. The downtown area offers Cape Cod hotels, restaurants, shops and things to do. Hyannis’ interesting JFK Museum is a Cape Cod highlight. It’s also in Hyannis that you find the quickest ferry connection to Nantucket Island.

In conclusion, Mid Cape is a great place to stay in Cape Cod if you want a central base. In Mid Cape you also have access to the quickest ferry crossing to Nantucket. The village Hyannis is the optimal base for day trips to Nantucket.

  • Pick Mid Cape for: A central location and ferries to Nantucket.

Hyannis Travel Inn – A pleasant gateway to Cape Cod

At Hyannis Travel Inn you have everything you need within walking distance. Hyannis is often referred to as the hub of Cape Cod, and from Hyannis Travel Inn you easily reach restaurants and museums.

Near the Cape Cod hotel you also find Hyannis Harbor, where ferries to Nantucket depart. With such a unique location Hyannis Travel Inn functions as a pleasant gateway to Cape Cod.

Empty Beach and bench in Cape Cod, MA
Another beautiful beach in Cape Cod, MA.

Upper Cape, MA – Cape Cod hotels close to the mainland and Martha’s Vineyard

The Upper Cape is the very western part of Cape Cod, where you find the bridges between the Massachusetts peninsula and the mainland. So Upper Cape is the first Cape Cod area that you arrive in when you travel by car from the mainland.

Bourne, Sandwich, Falmouth and Mashpee are Cape Cod towns that are located in the Upper Cape. In the Upper Cape you also have access to the quickest ferry connection to the beautiful Martha’s Vineyard.

The towns Bourne and Sandwich are the towns that are located furthest west and just across the bridge from the mainland. Bourne is in fact even divided by the Cape Cod Canal that separates the peninsula from the mainland.

Sandwich on Cape Cod Bay is known as the oldest town on Cape Cod. In the picturesque New England town you find many elegant and historic colonial homes.

Charming Falmouth is located in the southwestern part of the peninsula. Falmouth and its village Woods Hole offer the quickest ferry connections to the picturesque Martha’s Vineyard. So it’s the best town to stay on Cape Cod for easy access to Martha’s Vineyard.

The town Mashpee is located further east on the peninsula. There you find more Cape Cod hotels that you easily reach when you come from the mainland.

To sum up, the Upper Cape is the best place to stay in Cape Cod if you want to be close to the mainland with great access to Martha’s Vineyard. For day trips to Martha’s Vineyard the town Falmouth is the optimal location.

  • Pick Upper Cape for: Cape Cod hotels near the mainland and ferries to Martha’s Vineyard.
House and lighthouse in Falmouth, home to convenient Cape Cod hotels
Peacefulness at Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth.

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Where to stay in Cape Cod FAQ

Here you find the answers to some frequently asked questions about where to stay in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

What is the best area to stay in Cape Cod?

Every area on Cape Cod offers something different. The best area to stay in Cape Cod for secludedness is the Outer Cape. In the Outer Cape the Cape Cod National Seashore offers peacefulness and mile after mile of untouched beaches. However, other Cape Cod areas offer better access to the mainland, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

What is the nicest town in Cape Cod?

The nicest town in Cape Cod depends on what you’re after. Provincetown is a fun and popular town with many great Cape Cod hotels. But all over the pretty New England peninsula you find superb Cape Cod towns with unique characteristics.

How many days do you need in Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is a great peninsula both for a fun weekend and a longer beach vacation. It’s possible to see a lot of the area in just a weekend, but to fully embrace the Cape Cod lifestyle you need more time.

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