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Road trip lovers flock to Monument Valley, majestically sitting on the Arizona/Utah border. Picture red football-field-wide cliffs shooting for the sky — like something from another planet or solar system. Here are our picks for the best Monument Valley hotels, making the most of that unforgettable scenery.

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Best location in Monument Valley

Staying inside Monument Valley is the most jaw-dropping experience. We highly recommend it.

However, the options are few, rates are steep and rooms often sell out well ahead of time.

Luckily, the closest towns, Mexican Hat (north) and Kayenta (south), offer easy access to the scenery too.

Read on to find all there’s to know about where to stay in and around Monument Valley.

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Monument Valley, AZ/UT

Those lucky visitors who manage to snap up a room in Monument Valley are in for a real treat. How about waking up and going to bed with gobsmackingly beautiful views of rising sandstone buttes through your window?

  • The View Hotel is the only hotel located inside Monument Valley Tribal Park, offering the best views around.
  • Goulding’s Lodge sits just outside the Monument Valley Tribal Park border but also provides awe-inspiring Monument Valley views.

To the grand perspectives, add convenience. When staying within Monument Valley, your whole stay is an adventure, and you avoid exhausting drives in and out of the valley.

Why wouldn’t you stay inside Monument Valley? First, that unique location comes at a premium. Second, The View Hotel and Goulding’s Lodge often sell out long in advance — act swiftly if you want a room.

  • Distance: 0 mi
  • Driving time: 0 min
  • Stay in Monument Valley for: THAT view.

Hotels in Monument Valley

The View Hotel

In Monument Valley Tribal Park, The View Hotel treats you to an intimate Monument Valley experience. This is the only place to stay that sits in the actual tribal park. Here, you’re just steps away from Monument Valley Tribal Park Visitor Center. And as the name indicates, the hotel affords a brilliant view.

Goulding’s Lodge

Goulding’s Lodge offers lodging rich in history a few miles from Monument Valley Tribal Park. Near Goulding’s Lodge, you conveniently so find a grocery store and a gas station. In addition, the lodge even has its own museum where it tells its interesting story. Goulding’s Lodge has become like an institution in the area, and from its rooms you effortlessly can absorb stunning Monument Valley vistas.

Red rock formations in Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah
Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah.

Mexican Hat, UT

Mexican Hat is another alternative for where to stay in Monument Valley and vicinity. The tiny Utah town is located northeast of Monument Valley on US 163.

It’s a scenic 24-mile (39 km) drive from Mexican Hat to the tribal park. A bonus when you base yourself in Mexican Hat is that you pass the legendary Forrest Gump Point every time you drive into Monument Valley.

Monument Valley is of course the main attraction in the area, but just outside Mexican Hat you find Goosenecks State Park too. In the Utah park San Juan River makes tight turns, also known as goosenecks. The park is not as famous as Monument Valley, but the landscape in Goosenecks State Park is special as well.

Another interesting spot to explore just outside Mexican Hat is Valley of the Gods. The tall red buttes in the valley are similar to those in Monument Valley and a fun stop to add to the itinerary.

  • Distance: 24 mi / 39 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 30 min
  • Pick Mexican Hat for: Northern access.
Forrest Gump Point — easily reached from Monument Valley hotels in Mexican Hat, Utah
Forrest Gump Point overlooking Monument Valley, AZ/UT.

Kayenta, AZ

Another option for where to stay near Monument Valley is Kayenta. The small Arizona city is located south of Monument Valley at the intersection of US 163 and US 160.

From Kayenta, it’s just 26 miles (42 km) to the park, which makes the distance similar to if you stay in Mexican Hat. So it’s not a long drive from Kayenta to Monument Valley Tribal Park and exploration of the huge red rock buttes.

Kayenta is just a small town, but it’s still significantly bigger than Mexican Hat. In Kayenta you find more choices for Monument Valley lodging and dining.

  • Distance: 26 mi / 42 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 30 min
  • Pick Kayenta for: Southern access.
Wagon in Monument Valley Tribal Park
Monument Valley, AZ/UT.

Bluff, UT

From Bluff, it’s 49 miles (79 km) to Monument Valley Tribal Park. The longer drive makes Bluff a less convenient alternative, compared to options for where to stay at Monument Valley with better park access.

But the drive from Bluff to Monument Valley is a scenic drive. On the way from Bluff to Monument Valley, you pass by highlights including Goosenecks State Park, Valley of the Gods and Forrest Gump Point.

The location further from the valley also means that hotel rates tend to be lower in Bluff, compared to Monument Valley lodging closer to the park. Therefore, Bluff is a popular place to stay on a budget.

  • Distance: 49 mi / 79 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 1 h
  • Pick Bluff for: Monument Valley on a budget.
Red rocks in Valley of the Gods — a pleasant addition when you stay at Monument Valley
Valley of the Gods, UT.

Page, AZ

The city of Page in Northern Arizona is located much further away than the other options for where to stay when visiting Monument Valley. So Page is not a town that offers great Monument Valley access.

From Page to Monument Valley, it’s as much as 125 miles (201 km) and 2 hours to drive. That makes the other options for where to stay in Monument Valley and vicinity much more convenient.

What still makes Page interesting is that you find both Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in Page. Therefore, Page is a solid option if you want one single base for the two of them and Monument Valley.

  • Distance: 125 mi / 201 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 2 h
  • Pick Page for: One base for Monument Valley and other sights.
Sunset in Monument Valley
Sunset in Monument Valley.

Where to stay in Monument Valley FAQ

Where do you stay in Monument Valley?

The View Hotel and Goulding’s Lodge offer breathtaking Monument Valley views. Of the two, The View Hotel sits inside Monument Valley Tribal Park, while Goulding’s Lodge sits a few miles outside the park. Kayenta and Mexican Hat just 30 minutes away are other good options for where to stay near Monument Valley.

Can you stay in Monument Valley?

The View Hotel is the only hotel that sits inside Monument Valley Tribal Park. Goulding’s Lodge also offers Monument Valley views, but the accommodation doesn’t sit inside Monument Valley Tribal Park.

Are there any towns in Monument Valley?

At Goulding’s, you find necessities including a grocery store and a gas station. The nearest towns are Kayenta, south on US 163, and Mexican Hat, northeast on US 163.

How long do you need in Monument Valley?

As Monument Valley is rather compact, it’s possible to explore some of the most famous viewpoints in as little as a few hours. But to really get to know the area, we recommend spending at least a full day in Monument Valley.

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