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Bryce Canyon National Park is home to the world’s highest density of rock hoodoos. Marvel at outright bizarre surroundings during daytime, then sleep like a baby in your comfy hotel bed at night, maybe after having cooled down in a swimming pool. Thanks to a wide range of accommodations, everyone can enjoy this Utah gem to the fullest. We are about to show you how.

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Key takeaways

  • Yes, you can stay within Bryce Canyon National Park. Refreshingly old school, without any unnecessary distractions, the Lodge at Bryce Canyon provides the only in-park lodging available.
  • Bryce Canyon City is the convenient gateway to Bryce Canyon. Bed down at historic, pool-equipped Ruby’s Inn, sitting just a 2.5-mile (4 km) ride from all the hoodoo action inside the park.
  • Keep this one on the low: The area’s best-kept secret, the Bryce Valley town of Tropic has its own entrance into Bryce Canyon National Park — the Tropic Trail.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Spanning 36,000 acres, Bryce Canyon displays thousands of rock hoodoos in series of amphitheaters. The biggest and boldest among these naturally created bowls is the Bryce Amphitheater.

In this main arena, reachable within minutes of Bryce Canyon City, be wowed by the world-record density of hoodoos, forming a thick jungle where each figure is stranger than the next.

Tick off the grandest overlooks: Sunrise Point, Bryce Point, Inspiration Point and Sunset Point all make jaws drop. Then leave the Rim Trail behind and plunge into that one-of-a-kind landscape of rock spires.

Amid the sensational beauty, steps from the scenic Rim Trail, there’s a complex providing lodging.

  • Distance: 0 mi
  • Driving time: 0 min
  • Pick Bryce Canyon NP for: In-park lodging.

Best hotels in Bryce Canyon NP

The Lodge at Bryce Canyon

Well done, you have found the only place to stay inside Bryce Canyon National Park. Accommodation options here include western cabins, sunrise and sunset lodge rooms, guest suites as well as guest studios. Prepare for a rustic experience without modernities.

Giant rock across the backdrop of rock hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park
Welcome to Bryce — a rocky wonderland.

Bryce Canyon City

Bryce Canyon City is the gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park. Make this your Bryce Canyon base to enjoy both superb park access and those treasured amenities — a combo hard to beat.

It’s just 2.5 miles (4 km) from Bryce Canyon City to the popular Bryce Amphitheater area, where you find Bryce Canyon Visitor Center and some of the park’s best overlooks and trails.

After exploring the park, take advantage of the facilities in Bryce Canyon City. Although this is a small town at the edge of civilization, it provide great comfort — including hotels with swimming pool for those balmy summer days.

Plan on taking the shuttle to the park? From April to October, the Bryce Canyon shuttle takes visitors from Bryce Canyon City to the trailheads inside Bryce Canyon National Park.

Thanks to the shuttle, you can keep your car parked at your hotel in Bryce Canyon City while discovering the hoodoo-framed trails inside the park. It saves a you a good deal of headache, especially during peak season.

  • Distance: 2.5 mi / 4 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 5 min
  • Pick Bryce Canyon City for: Convenience.

BW Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel

Are you a picky traveler who want both superb park access and a top Bryce Canyon hotel? Then check in at Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel. This hotel offers all the amenities you crave for — including an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, best enjoyed after a long day of hiking.

BW Plus Ruby’s Inn

Best Western PLUS Ruby’s Inn might sound like just another chain hotel. However, Ruby’s Inn has a more than 100-year-long history as a gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park. Boasting an old west theme, Ruby’s Inn is an institution in Bryce Canyon City offering a spacious indoor pool area. Tip: For a special occasion, check out the Deluxe King rooms with your own spa tub.

The sun rises over red rocks in Bryce Canyon National Park
Stay in Bryce Canyon City to make it in time for the sunrise.

Bryce Valley

Possessing a rare rural charm, Bryce Valley is an option for where to stay near Bryce Canyon National Park off the beaten path. Even masters of geography ask themselves: What’s and where’s Bryce Valley?

A gateway to adventure, Bryce Valley is the hidden area east of Bryce Canyon National Park. Here, from east to west, the three tiny ranching towns Cannonville, Henrieville and Tropic are located.

Cannonville and Henrieville are the two quieter communities. Expect just a few places to stay and not much more going on — apart from the magnificent surrounding nature, of course.

Tropic, situated just 11 miles (17 km) by car from Bryce Canyon, is bigger and offers not only more lodging but also a few welcome places to grab a bite — and an unofficial entrance to the national park.

Consider hiking into the Bryce Amphitheater on the Tropic Trail, beginning a short drive outside town. After 1.7 miles (2.7 km), it connects with the Navajo and Peekaboo trails, from where you can continue to the most iconic Bryce spots, such as the Thor’s Hammer and Queen Victoria hoodoos.

Want to discover the area past Bryce? Cannonville, Henrieville and Tropic frame Utah’s Highway 12, an American bucket-list road, offering easy access to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

  • Distance: 11-20 mi / 17-32 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 15-30 min
  • Pick Bryce Valley for: Rural Bryce hotels.

Best hotels in Bryce Valley

Bryce Country Cabins

Embracing country living, Bryce Country Cabins in Tropic provides unique cabins near Bryce Canyon National Park. Soak up the spacious grounds, roaming farm animals and surrounding Utah landscape from your private porch.

Bryce Canyon Log Cabins

For its small size, Tropic impresses with its great Bryce Canyon accommodations. Consider this place if you look for rustic but comfy cabins near Bryce Canyon.

Bybee’s Steppingstone Motel

In a remote ranching area of Utah, it feels better than ever to check in at a cozy roadside motel. Bybee’s Steppingstone Motel, in Tropic’s heart, provides nicely decorated rooms and an overall delightful vibe. Who needs a luxury Bryce Canyon hotel when you can check in at Bybee’s?

Woman in black T-shirt who hikes a tree-lined trail in Bryce Canyon National Park
Hike the Tropic Trail directly into Bryce Canyon.


Don’t get us wrong here: Panguitch is by most standards not a sizable town. However, everything is relative, and in the rural Bryce Canyon area, Panguitch is the best serviced community and fits the bill as a bigger town.

First settled by pioneers in 1864, Panguitch — the name means “big fish” — is a place where you still to this day can feel that exciting pioneer spirit. Wandering around town, you might ask yourself what century it really is.

Fall in love with Downtown Panguitch, dotted with historic brick buildings, appearing like the perfect town to film a Western movie. On Main Street, imagine life in the Wild West, enjoy laid-back eateries and browse quirky shops.

Up for a scenic drive? Utah State Route 143 between Panguitch and Parowan, passing Lake Panguitch and entering Dixie National Forest, is one not to miss. For the full experience, detour to Cedar Breaks National Monument.

  • Distance: 24 mi / 39 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 30 min
  • Pick Panguitch for: A bigger Bryce town.

Best hotels in Panguitch

The Panguitch House

Over 100 years old, the Panguitch House is a historic home in a historic town. Providing a home away from home in Southern Utah, this is a great place to stay for travelers who want to connect with the area. As soon as you step into the Panguitch House, you feel an unmatched warmness.

Countryside Cabins

Panguitch’s Countryside Cabins gives you the best of both worlds. These log cabins remind of something that you normally find in the middle of the wilderness, yet they are conveniently positioned on Main Street in Panguitch — with restaurants within steps.

Blue Pine Motel

For the budget-minded traveler, the Blue Pine Motel ticks every box. Reasonable rates, check; central in Panguitch, check; comfy rooms; check — don’t look past Blue Pine Motel if you look for where to stay near Bryce Canyon National Park on a budget.

Hoodoos colliding with vast forests under a blue sky in Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon hoodoos meet the forest.


For Bryce Canyon alone, it makes little sense to set up a base 78 miles (126 km) south in Kanab. However, where Utah meets Arizona, this city makes it easier than ever to tick off your bucket list destinations in the American Southwest.

A sweet sample? Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim), Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are all reachable within 1.5 hours’ drive.

  • Distance: 78 mi / 126 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 1.5 h
  • Pick Kanab for: One Southwest base.

Best hotels in Kanab: Canyons Boutique Hotel, Kanab Suites & Red Canyon Cabins.

The Thor's Hammer rock hoodoo in Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce’s iconic Thor’s Hammer.


Many visitors combine Bryce Canyon with Zion National Park, only separated by a 2-hour drive. If that’s you and you prefer not to switch hotel between them, consider bedding down in the gateway town of Zion, Springdale.

Surrounded by vivid sandstone cliffs, take advantage of a neat town loaded with options for lodging — all from luxury resorts to low-key motels — and dining. Springdale has more facilities than all the towns closer to Bryce.

From the amenity-rich Cable Mountain Lodge, sitting at Springdale’s northern end, you can even walk right into Zion National Park. Simply cross Virgin River, and you’re there.

  • Distance: 86 mi / 138 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 2 h
  • Pick Springdale for: Combining Bryce NP and Zion NP.

Best hotels in Springdale: Cable Mountain Lodge, Cliffrose Lodge & Holiday Inn Springdale.

Zion National Park entrance sign
Springdale is located just outside Zion NP.

Tips for your Bryce Canyon stay

Now you know everything there’s to know about where to stay near Bryce Canyon. With these tips, you also avoid those unfortunate beginner mistakes.

  • Book early – Although there’s a wide range of lodging to choose from, the communities near Bryce Canyon are tiny. Therefore, the best hotels near Bryce Canyon sell out frequently, but especially during peak season.
  • Embrace Bryce – Bryce Canyon offers one of the most unique landscapes in the USA. However, many visitors still treat Bryce Canyon as just a day trip from Zion National Park. Give this geological hotspot the attention it deserves, meaning at least a full day but preferably more.
  • Take the shuttle – Operating from April to mid-October, Bryce’s shuttle saves you from headache. It’s free with park admission and runs from Bryce Canyon City to many of Bryce’s most shining points of interest. Two Bryce Canyon City hotels — BW Grand Hotel and BW Ruby’s Inn — as well as the Lodge at Bryce Canyon have stops en route. Out-of-town visitors can park at Bryce Canyon Shuttle Station and Bryce Canyon Visitor Center.
  • Consider Capitol Reef – It seems like the scenery never ends in Utah, doesn’t it? Zion and Bryce is a proven combo that many visitors enjoy. For an off-the-beaten-path addition, also consider Capitol Reef National Park, a 2.5-hour drive from Bryce Canyon.
  • Pack layers – With an elevation reaching 9,115 feet (2,778 m), Bryce Canyon is cooler than other Utah parks. In summer, expect daytime temperatures in the high 70s or low 80s (27°C) and be prepared for that nightly temperatures may retreat to the low 50s or even high 40s (10°C).

Where to stay near Bryce Canyon FAQ

Where should I stay when visiting Bryce Canyon?

The Lodge at Bryce Canyon, inside the park, and hotels in the gateway town, Bryce Canyon City, give you the ultimate park access. Location wise, these are the best options for where to stay when visiting Bryce Canyon.

However, Bryce Valley is another appealing alternative. Here, in an area consisting of the three sleepy towns Cannonville, Henrieville and Tropic, you find an inviting mix of motels, bed & breakfasts and cabins.

For a bigger, although still small, town with hotels near Bryce Canyon, consider Panguitch. Its entire downtown area is included in the National Register of Historic Places — you can’t miss the charm.

Is there a town near Bryce Canyon?

Bryce Canyon City is the small town that sits right at the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. From the heart of Bryce Canyon City, it’s just 2.5 miles (4 km) to Bryce Canyon Visitor Center.

If you look for something more off the beaten path, consider Tropic. This Bryce Valley town, offering refreshingly quiet accommodations, is positioned just 11 miles (17 km) by car from Bryce Canyon National Park. As a bonus, the Tropic Trail offers unique hiking access to the hoodoo-filled Utah park.

Which Bryce Canyon hotels have shuttle stops?

From April through mid-October, Bryce’s shuttle runs from Bryce Canyon City to some of the most popular points of interests within the Utah park, such as Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunset Point and Sunrise Point. Although the shuttle isn’t mandatory, it’s free with your park admission and avoids both congestion and pollution.

For maximum convenience, there are three hotels with designated shuttle stops. BW Plus Grand Hotel is stop number 3, BW Plus Ruby’s Inn stop number 4 and the Lodge at Bryce Canyon stop number 12.

Which is the most unique place to stay near Bryce Canyon?

There are several unique places to stay near Bryce Canyon. Although this is a rural area, Bryce Canyon provides accommodations for every preference.

Location wise, the low-key Lodge at Bryce Canyon is the most unique place to stay when visiting Bryce Canyon. Only here, steps from popular Bryce Canyon trailheads, you bed down inside the park.

But for both great park access and comfort, it doesn’t get better than Bryce Canyon City’s BW Plus Grand Hotel and BW Plus Ruby’s Inn. Just minutes from the park action, with designated shuttle stops, these hotels offer all the facilities you crave for.

If you want to get to know the area, and not only Bryce Canyon, step into the delightful Bryce Valley, home to additional unique places to stay near Bryce Canyon. Tropic, the biggest of the three Bryce Valley towns, even has its own Bryce Canyon trailhead, offering park access from the east.

Where to stay near Bryce Canyon National Park on a budget?

Finding budget-friendly places to stay near Bryce Canyon can be a bit tricky. As at most national parks, the closer the action, the steeper rates. Luckily, the nearby Bryce Valley and Panguitch are beautiful cheaper options. Bryce Valley’s cozy Bybee’s Motel and Panguitch’s comfy Blue Pine Motel show loud and clear that you can enjoy Bryce Canyon National Park without breaking the bank.

Where to stay between Bryce and Zion?

Featuring jaw-dropping landscapes, many want to visit both Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. It’s a bucket list-worthy duo in the American Southwest.

However, have in mind that these Utah parks at a bare minimum, if you just target some of the highlights, need a full day each. Because it’s two hours from Bryce to Zion, you don’t get that if you just day trip.

Therefore it for the average visitor doesn’t make sense to stay between Bryce and Zion. Instead, for the best experience, first explore the ins and outs on one of them and then move on to the next.

Is it worth staying in Bryce Canyon?

The Lodge at Bryce Canyon presents the only lodging inside Bryce Canyon National Park. It offers the prime park access but not those appreciated amenities that you find at Bryce hotels in the nearby towns.

Hence, check availability at the Lodge at Bryce Canyon if you prioritize that unique in-park location. Or book a hotel in Bryce Canyon City, Tropic or Panguitch if you rather enjoy more amenities.

How long time should I spend at Bryce Canyon?

As Bryce Canyon is rather compact, it’s possible to scratch the surface and see some of the most famous viewpoints in as little as half a day. But optimally, spend at least a full day or two at Bryce Canyon National Park. Remember, this is one of the most unique national parks in America.

Keep planning your Bryce Canyon trip

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