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Booking a hotel near Capitol Reef National Park is a straightforward story. The friendly, well-equipped town of Torrey sits just a short drive from the action in, arguably, Utah‘s most underrated national park. Continue to find our top picks for Capitol Reef accommodation.

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Best location for Capitol Reef National Park

There’s no lodging in Capitol Reef National Park. Instead, the most convenient accommodation (and restaurants) is provided by the gateway town, Torrey.

From the tiny downtown Torrey, it’s only an 11-mile (18 km), 15-minute drive east to the visitor center. It sits in the heart of the park, Fruita Historic District, where pioneers once lived.

Fruita highlights include the orchards that used to be the area’s main source of income, one-room Fruita Schoolhouse and Gifford Homestead with the delicious-pie-serving Gifford House.

OK, Torrey it is then. But where in Torrey should you bed down? Here are our favorite places (including the very closest hotel to Capitol Reef National Park).

Red Sands Hotel

Red Sands Hotel boasts all the facilities you need for a relaxing Utah stay. Take advantage of the swimming pool, hot tub and stargazing deck, making the most of those really dark desert nights.

Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse

Guests keep coming back to Broken Spur Inn for its high comfort level and beautiful surroundings. Our favorite amenities include the pool, jacuzzi and, of course, the adjoining steakhouse — food coma alert.

Capitol Reef Resort

Want the very best park access? This gem is the place to stay closest to Capitol Reef National Park. To the unique location, add excellent facilities, such as a pool and hot tub, ensuring that you can fully recharge after a long day out exploring.

Grazing deer in Capitol Reef National Park during daytime
Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

Where to stay near Capitol Reef National Park FAQ

What is the closest town to Capitol Reef National Park?

Torrey is the town nearest Capitol Reef National Park. From Torrey, it’s only 11 miles (18 km) to the park. A bit further away, you find the towns Teasdale and Bicknell.

Can you stay in Capitol Reef National Park?

There are no lodging opportunities in Capitol Reef National Park. But in the adjacent town Torrey, a short drive from the park, you find an appreciated selection of hotels.

Are there any good hotels in Fruita, Utah?

Fruita Historic District sits inside Capitol Reef National Park, where there are no hotels. The closest accommodation is located in nearby Torrey.

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