Where to stay near Capitol Reef National Park, UT

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Capitol Reef National Park year after year surprises visitors with how beautiful it is. In Capitol Reef you apart from the scenic views also indulge in staggering history in Fruita Historic District. But where to stay near Capitol Reef National Park for the best experience?

The nearby town Torrey is the best place to stay near Capitol Reef National Park. In Torrey, you find great hotels just a short drive from the park adventure.

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Torrey in the center of Southern Utah is the optimal location for exploring Capitol Reef. The small Utah town sits on the western border of the spectacular park.

There are no hotels in Capitol Reef National Park itself, but Torrey is as close to the park as it gets.

From the center of Torrey, it’s only 11 miles (18 km) east to Capitol Reef National Park Visitor Center. The 15-minute drive not only takes you to the visitor center but also to Fruita.

Fruita is the heart of Capitol Reef National Park, home to Fruita Historic District. Highlights in Fruita are the fruit orchards that used to be the area’s main source of income and a historic school building that feels even older than it really is.

As there are no hotels in Fruita or anywhere in the park, the closest and best option for lodging in the remote Utah area is Torrey. In Torrey, you find all the accommodation options and restaurants you need when visiting.

Popular Capitol Reef hotels have great facilities including swimming pool and hot tub. Torrey is a very small town, but it delivers great Capitol Reef hotels and resorts in the Utah desert.

  • Distance: 11 mi / 18 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 15 min
  • Pick Torrey for: Best access.

Red Sands Hotel

Red Sands Hotel boasts all the facilities you need for a relaxing Utah stay. At the hotel, you can take advantage of a swimming pool, hot tub and even its own stargazing deck.

Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse

Guests keep coming back to Broken Spur Inn for its high comfort level and beautiful Capitol Reef surroundings. Amenities include a pool, jacuzzi and, of course, the adjoining steakhouse.

Capitol Reef Resort

Want the very best park access? This gem is the place to stay closest to Capitol Reef National Park. Add great facilities to that, such as a pool and hot tub, making it easy to fully recharge after a long day out.

Grazing deer in Capitol Reef National Park, easily reached from Capitol Reef hotels in Torrey
Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

Where to stay near Capitol Reef National Park FAQ

What is the closest town to Capitol Reef National Park?

Torrey is the town that is located nearest Capitol Reef National Park. From Torrey, it’s only 11 miles (18 km) to the park. A bit further away, you find the towns Teasdale and Bicknell.

Can you stay in Capitol Reef National Park?

There are no lodging opportunities in Capitol Reef National Park. But in the adjacent town Torrey, you find all the hotels you need just a short drive away from the park.

Are there any good hotels in Fruita, Utah?

Fruita Historic District sits inside Capitol Reef National Park, where there are no hotels. The closest accommodations are located in the nearby town Torrey.

Is Torrey a good option for where to stay between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef?

Torrey is on the way between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef, which makes it a great option for where to stay between the two. If you rather stay near the former, you could also try the Bryce area for lodging.

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