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It was about time that the rippling New River Gorge became acknowledged as a national park in 2020. The bad news: It’s not as easy to find accommodation these days. So, prepare to act quicker than quick when you sample our favorite places to stay for New River Gorge National Park.

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Best location for visiting New River Gorge

We rate Fayetteville, west of New River Gorge, the highest. Why?

First, the convenience. It’s only 2 miles (3.2 km) from Fayetteville to New River Gorge Bridge, the park-defining monument where you find the primary Canyon Rim Visitor Center.

Second, the friendly small-town feel. Fayetteville has an atmospheric downtown area of just the right size — little enough to be cozy but big enough to offer a fine selection of places to eat.

Beckley is a bigger town providing more central access to New River Gorge. However, it puts you further away from the parts of the gorge where you likely will want to spend the most time.

Below, you find our top picks for both Fayetteville and Beckley.


The town closest to New River Gorge, Fayetteville is the gateway to the northern part of New River Gorge National Park. This is where you find New River Gorge Bridge, the park’s must-see single-span arch bridge.

Planning on hiking? The Fayetteville Area Trails, providing magnificent vistas of the bridge, can be accessed from both flanks of New River Gorge (the town side, to the west, and the visitor center side, to the east).

But it’s, actually, not all about the national park itself. There are several charismatic restaurants to choose from too, like Pies & Pints — the perfect place to reward yourself with a chilled brew and large pizza after a successful hike.

  • Pick Fayetteville for: New River Gorge Bridge.

Best hotels in Fayetteville

Quality Inn New River Gorge

A rare sight in Fayetteville — a chain hotel — Quality Inn New River Gorge presents comfy lodging near that marvelous bridge. While it’s a low-key place to stay, its location is exceptional.

Country Road Cabins

These rustic cabins sit across New River Gorge Bridge from Fayetteville. The out-of-town setting feels remote, yet it’s still only 7 miles (11 km) to the bridge and not much longer to the amenities in Fayetteville.

Comfort Inn New River

Comfort Inn New River offers a good alternative in Oak Hill, 5 miles (8 km) from New River Gorge Bridge. The rooms are simple but the convenience unmistakable.

The single-span steel arch New River Gorge Bridge crossing New River Gorge, West Virginia
New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia.


Despite Fayetteville’s charm, there’s a case for the less picturesque Beckley too: Because Fayetteville sits at the northern end of the park, you get more central access if you opt for Beckley.

From Beckley, it’s just an 18-mile (29 km) drive down to the Sandstone Visitor Center at the park’s south end. And it’s still only 23 miles (37 km) from Beckley up to New River Gorge Bridge in the north.

Hiking wise, Beckley gives you superior access to the Grandview Area Trails. The Grandview Rim Trail, offering views of the deepest section of New River Gorge, is one of the best hikes in New River Gorge National Park.

Size wise, Beckley is bigger than Fayetteville. The result: More places to grab a bite and a wider range of accommodation, including many of the big hotel chains.

  • Pick Beckley for: Central access.

Best hotels in Beckley

Holiday Inn Beckley

Stay in all night after exploring New River Gorge. With an on-site restaurant, swimming pool and hot tub — there’s no reason to leave the property.

Hampton Inn Beckley

The central New River Gorge access and you-know-what-you-get rooms make Hampton Inn a great choice.

The sun reflecting in New River, framed by thick forest
New River Gorge National Park, WV.

Where to stay near New River Gorge FAQ

Where should I stay when visiting New River Gorge?

We recommend staying in Fayetteville, the prime spot to access the northern part of New River Gorge National Park and its landmark bridge. But if you want a more central vantage point, consider bedding down in Beckley.

What is the closest town to New River Gorge National Park?

New River Gorge National Park is a spread-out park with several different gateway towns. However, only 2 miles (3 km) from New River Gorge Bridge, Fayetteville offers the best access to the most-visited slice.

How far is it from Beckley to New River Gorge Bridge?

It’s a 23-mile (37 km), 30-minute drive from Beckley to New River Gorge Bridge.

How many days do you need at New River Gorge?

You can tick off the bridge and take some of the main hikes in a day or even less. But add more time if you want to scratch deeper and fully explore the different parts of this stunning West Virginia park.

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