Enjoy World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia

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Enjoy World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia
World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

I hadn’t heard about the World of Coca-Cola until I was going to Atlanta for the first time and looked on Tripadvisor for things to do there. I have consumed a fair share of Coca-Cola over the years and thought it would be interesting to go, and so I did!

When we entered the World of Coca-Cola our group got a brief introduction by a person from Coca-Cola who welcomed us. He told us some fun facts. Did you for example know that Coca-Cola is officially sold in all countries in the world but two? Could you figure out which countries that is? I´ll get back to that!

After the brief introduction they showed a short video in the theatre room. As the video clip ended we got the chance to see things in the museum on your own. For example you can read about and see the vault where they claim to store the legendary secret formula. Of course there are also opportunities for some fun photos and to buy souvenirs. But the best of it all is the tasting part.

In our admission fee, at the time $17 for an adult, unlimited drinks were included. We tasted many kinds of different Coca-Cola products from all over the world. I for example tried Fanta Exotic from Mozambique. It both looked and tasted very different than the Fanta Exotic I´m used to. I can´t say that I liked it better, but it was fun to try different versions.

Coca Cola
Feel free to drink as much as you want!

All in all the visit was a very enjoyable experience. We received two glass bottles of Coca-Cola when we left and we drank them later the same day. That was the best coke I have ever tasted.

As I like drinking coke every now and then I´m happy I don´t live in one of the two countries not serving Coca-Cola. That is Cuba and North Korea!

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