7 reasons to book a trip to Asheville, NC

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You are currently viewing 7 reasons to book a trip to Asheville, NC

Asheville in North Carolina is a true gem nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Find out 7 reasons to book a trip to Asheville now!

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1. For Downtown Asheville

In the heart of the city the vibrant mountain vibe is unmistakable. Enjoy the atmosphere as you inspect the shops, breweries and dining options.

Glass ceiling at Grove Arcade in Downtown Asheville
Shopping in Downtown Asheville.

2. To visit the Biltmore

One of the most popular places for visitors to go is the famous Biltmore Estate. It’s the largest privately owned home in America with a size of 178,926 square feet (16622.8 m2). Is that big enough for you?

Sprawling Biltmore Estate  with huge green lawns
The Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

3. Mountain sunsets

There is just something special with seeing the sun set over the mountains. So hop in the car and find your favourite sunset spot!

Purple sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains
Sunsets in the mountains are special.

4. The River Arts District

In the River Arts District in Asheville you can visit working studios and galleries of hundreds of artists. Or you can of course just enjoy the walk and the street art that you find.

Mural of an old lady and a cat in the River Arts District in Asheville
The River Arts District.

5. Because who doesn’t like a retro Pinball Museum?

The most fun museums are the ones where you can be active. And in the Pinball Museum in Asheville there are about 80 pinball machines and vintage video games. Here you can play while discovering the history of these retro games.

Flashing pinball machine in Asheville
Pinball time!

6. Tasting the local craft beer

Asheville is well known for having a large variety of local breweries. Which will be your favourite craft beer?

Sign of Highland Brewing Company
One of many local breweries.

#7. To explore the Blue Ridge Parkway

The city is located right at America’s favourite drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take the opportunity when you make your trip to Asheville and drive some of the most beautiful roads in America. There is a lot to explore!

Curve along America's favorite, the Blue Ridge Parkway
The Blue Ridge Parkway.

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