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Boasting warm and sunny days, June, July and August is the best time to visit Nantucket for that quintessential New England escape: Picture scenic bike rides, romantic picnics and late-night swims. Sure, you need to share the Massachusetts island with hordes of other vacation-hungry visitors — this is peak season — but if you just get out of Nantucket Town, there’s still plenty of serenity to be found.

Want more bang for your buck? Prices are more manageable during shoulder season, April through May and September through October. Especially September, with swimmable water temperatures and most operations still open, is a gorgeous time on Nantucket.

Tip: You need to act quickly to snap up a room for Nantucket’s summer season. Don’t miss our ultimate guide to where to stay on Nantucket.


There’s a revitalizing energy in the air as Nantucket prepares for the upcoming summer season. Add to that reasonable hotel rates and thin crowds (until the Memorial Day swarms arrive), making spring an attractive time to visit Nantucket. However, it takes time for Nantucket to warm up after winter; anticipate temperatures ranging from the low 50s to mid 60s (10–16°C) — perfect for hiking the Nantucket Harbor-facing Shawkemo Highlands but too cool for the beach.


Busy ferries, busy beaches, busy attractions and busy restaurants — it may sound quite exhausting to visit Nantucket in summer. Yet the adorable weather, with clear skies and temperatures in the 70s (24°C), and the fact that everything on the island is open more than compensate for all of that. Want to escape the crowds during your island visit? Head to Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge on Nantucket’s northeastern tip, a paradise for outdoor and beach lovers alike.


Labor Day finishes Nantucket’s peak season with a bang. When the island has sobered up, room rates fall to much more reasonable levels than during the busy summer period. Temperatures retreat too but not nearly as dramatically; expect pleasant days in the high 60s (21°C) during September — many still hit Nantucket’s soft beaches.


Visit Nantucket between November and March to experience the island’s off season. Now the crowds are long gone, and many hotels, shops and restaurants are closed. Embrace the quiet setting with a peaceful walk by the Atlantic Ocean; then cuddle up with a good book, preferably in front of a fireplace. This is the best time to visit Nantucket for a great deal on lodging, but with temperatures dipping below freezing, make sure to pack a coat and a pair of gloves.

Best time to visit Nantucket FAQ

What’s the best month to go to Nantucket?

Peak season on Nantucket is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, offering warm weather and a fully operational island. To dodge the crowds but still enjoy comfy (possibly beach-warm) temperatures, September stands out as a great month to go to Nantucket.

What’s the warmest month in Nantucket?

With average daytime temperatures hitting the mid 70s (24°C), July and August are the warmest months on Nantucket. At night, expect lows in the mid-60s (18°C) range.

What’s Nantucket like in the off season?

Nantucket’s year-round population of around 15,000 residents keeps the island alive during the off season, which runs from November to March. Although many accommodations, shops and eateries are closed now, some remain open throughout the year.

Is Nantucket nice in October?

After Labor Day, crowds thin out and businesses hit low gear (many shutter up). Go to Nantucket in October to embrace a peaceful island, mild temperatures and attractive hotel rates.

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