7 highlights of a trip to New Orleans, LA

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New Orleans in Louisiana, or just NOLA, is a place known to appreciate all the temptations that life has to offer. The city values the easy-going, in contrast to the otherwise often hurried city life. When you take a trip to New Orleans, it doesn’t take long to notice how much the open-minded Big Easy has to offer.

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1. Admire Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral

Chartres Street separates them, but it’s hard not to think about the other when you think of one of them. Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral resembles a real life Disney saga. The square which also is a National Historic Landmark is named after General Andrew Jackson, who you find on the square in the form of a bronze statue.

Jackson Square in NOLA
Jackson Square in New Orleans.

2. Have a cold drink on Bourbon Street

It’s certainly not everyone’s favorite, but it’s without a doubt the loudest of the streets in the French Quarter. If you want a cold one, Bourbon Street is a legendary place to go to. For a more quiet drink, it’s a good idea to go somewhere else. Bourbon Street is a fun but loud place.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans
The loud and famous Bourbon Street.

3. Be sophisticated on Royal

Royal Street goes parallel to Bourbon Street. It’s not as loud as the other, but is instead more known for antique shopping, galleries and fine dining. In other words, it’s a bit more sophisticated.

Royal Street in NOLA
Unique shopping opportunities in NOLA.

4. Head down to Mississippi River

On the eastern side of the French Quarter you find Mississippi River. Walk down there and enjoy the world-famous river. Check out the steamer boats, or even take a cruise as a fun and relaxing way to see more of New Orleans.

Steamer boat in New Orleans
A traditional steamer boat on Mississippi in the Big Easy.

5. Try the beignets from Café du Monde

Café du Monde is nowadays an institution in NOLA. No trip to New Orleans is complete if you haven’t had the beignets at Café du Monde. The fried square piece of dough powdered with sugar are as good for breakfast, dessert or midnight snack.

Café du Monde in New Orleans
Beignets from Cafe du Monde in NOLA.

6. Wander around in the Garden Districts

While the French Quarter could be a bit intense with a lot of people having a great time, the Garden District provides peace and quiet. And it’s just a short ride away with a streetcar. Take your time in the Garden District while you wander around and admire the historic mansions.

Garden District in New Orleans
The Garden District in New Orleans.

7. See if you can spot any Mardi Gras throws

A common sight along the streets in New Orleans is the beads in purple, green and gold. The throwing of bead necklaces is an old Mardi Gras tradition and the colors of them hold a symbolic value. The purple is for justice, the green represents faith and the Gold symbolizes power. Can you spot any?

Throws from Mardi Gras
The beads in gold, green and purple.

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