7 reasons to visit the Everglades, FL

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South Florida’s vast Everglades — home to birds, lizards and, of course, alligators — is famous around the world. Still, many visitors miss out on its greatness. Here you find 7 reasons to ditch the beach at least for a day and explore the Everglades.

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1. It’s a symbol of Florida

Everglades and alligators are strongly associated with Florida. They represent the vast and untamed wilderness of the state. As long as Florida has existed, so has Everglades and its most long lived inhabitants. Just like sunshine, beaches and palm trees are symbols of Florida, so are Everglades and the gators.

Calm water and trees in swamp
Everglades in Florida.

2. Alligators call it their home

A highlight to every visit to the Everglades is the opportunity to see wild alligators. Seeing an alligator or crocodile at a zoo is not the same as seeing a wild one in nature. Just make sure that you stay at a comfortable distance when you try to get a peek.

Alligator in the Everglades
An alligator in the water.

3. And many other animals do too

Alligators are a big deal, but Everglades is not only their home. It’s also inhabited by a great variety of birds and lizards. The birds are stunning, and the water more often than not expose their beautiful reflections. You just hope a hungry gator won’t pass by the seemingly unattentive birds.

A careful bird in visits the Everglades swamp
A bird in Everglades National Park.

4. To learn something new

The Everglades can teach you a lot about nature. A fact that surprises many visitors is that it’s not really a swamp. Instead, Everglades is a giantic slow-moving river. The water slowly but surely moves from north and Lake Okechobee all the hundred miles (160 km) south to Florida Bay.

A passage in the mangrove of Everglades
A passage in the mangrove.

5. Or just to spend a day in nature

Everglades is a spectacular place to unwind in. Here it’s nature from horizon to horizon and nothing else to distract you than the vast landscape and its exotic residents. Nature lover or not, Everglades offers a healthy day in the wilderness.

Sunset of the Everglades
A nature lover’s dream

6. It’s easy to reach

No matter if you stay on the west coast or east coast of South Florida, you’re close enough to the vast wetland to make it a day trip. And if you travel by car from one of the coasts to the other, it’s certainly a great option to stop for a break in the Everglades.

Miami Beach tower
Everglades is only a short drive away from Miami.

7. Visit Everglades to take an airboat ride

Taking an airboat ride is a cool thing to do. But let’s be serious, how often do you get the chance to do so? No place on earth is better suited for hovering away with an airboat than the Everglades.

An airboat in Florida swamp
An airboat in Everglades ready for a new tour.

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