Amish life in Shipshewana, Indiana

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Amish life in Shipshewana, Indiana
In Shipshewana horse wagons are common sights.

We spent a day in Shipshewana, Indiana. The area is home to one of the largest Amish communities in the US. Here modern life meets old and well kept traditions.

Cars and horse wagon side by side.
In Shipshewana horse wagons coexist side by side with cars.

First time encountering the Amish

Amish people live simple lives. They don’t complicate it like many, myself included, do. They strive for naturalness and hence that is what you can expect from a visit to a major Amish community like the one in Shipshewana. The locals call it “Shipshe” and it could have a varied meaning, but the expression is most of all symbolizing the simplicity that Amish life stands for.

We had heard a lot about Amish life through TV and movies, but never encountered it in real life. It’s a special thing to experience something for the first time that you have heard much about but never seen with your own eyes. Well on spot we realised that it really looked and felt like in the movies.

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Quiet life in Shipshewana

Extravagant attractions isn’t the Amish way. From a visitor’s perspective it’s more a laid back place for simple activities like strolling at the corn fields, people watching and enjoying peaceful meals.

Corn fields in Shipshewana
You’ll find plenty of corn fields in Shipshewana.

The Flea Market in Shipshewana is the region’s largest. There you can find a wide range of products to buy. Get yourself a deal on anything from crafts and home decor to plants and beauty supplies. Or just use it as a forum to get in touch with the locals.

Popcorn in Shipshewana.
Popcorn as tasty as they get!

Traditions keep most businesses closed Sundays. And don’t expect any establishments to be open til late. Sundays and evenings are best spent enjoying the slow pace and all the scenic views in the area. But that’s what we enjoyed most during our day in Shipshewana. It felt great to turn off for a while and just spend some time without any distractions.

Like going back in time

On our way back to modern life we stopped our car in the outskirts of Shipshewana to feel the old way of life for just a while longer. Another horse drawn wagon passed by and its driver waved to us in a friendly manner.

Amish horse wagon by corn field
Typical Amish horse wagon.

Soon after we started the engine and drove back to the modern civilisation. Just a couple of miles took us hundreds of years away. Entering Shipshewana is in many ways like stepping back in time.

Find out more about what’s going on in Shipshewana here:

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