Where to stay near Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

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Petrified Forest National Park is famous for its 225 million years old petrified logs. The fascinating fossils in the Arizona park make it a very special place to visit. But where to stay near Petrified Forest National Park for the best experience?

The town of Holbrook offers the best park access. Another great option for where to stay when visiting Petrified Forest National Park is Winslow.

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Holbrook is an incredibly convenient option for where to stay near Petrified Forest National Park. From Holbrook, it’s only 19 miles (31 km) and about 20 minutes by car to the park.

Holbrook is a sleepy Route 66 city, but it has all the hotels and dining options you need for a comfy stay in the Arizona desert. Many of the big hotel chains provide lodging in Holbrook.

Petrified Forest National Park and Route 66 are the two big attractions in the Holbrook area. They come together in the national park, where you can see traces of the original Route 66 highway that used to take so many people through the Painted Desert area.

  • Distance: 19 mi / 31 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 20 min
  • Pick Holbrook for: Park access.

Favorite location. When it comes to convenience, Holbrook is the option for where to stay near Petrified Forest that stands out. The town is ideally located in the front row, and as a bonus Holbrook also offers some of the most charming hotels and motels.

Red landscape in Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, best reached from Petrified Forest hotels in Holbrook
Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona.

La Quinta Inn & Suites

La Quinta Inn & Suites conveniently sits just off the highway in the northern part of Holbrook, which minimizes the driving time for the park. Enjoy comfy, modern rooms, and as a bonus, the hotel also has a nice swimming pool for some quality recharging.

Brad’s Desert Inn

You get a different type of experience at Brad’s Desert Inn, taking you on a trip back to the old glorious days of Route 66. Check in here for an overwhelming dose of nostalgia; you might ask yourself what century it really is.

Logs in Petrified Forest National Park under blue Arizona sky
Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.


From Winslow, it’s 52 miles (84 km) east to Petrified Forest. The longer distance means less good park access, compared to Holbrook. But it’s still a rather easy drive at under an hour to go from Winslow to Petrified Forest National Park.

Winslow is just like Holbrook an old Route 66 town. It’s a small city but Winslow offers great sights to combine with visiting Petrified Forest National Park.

A highlight in Winslow is the roadside attraction Standin’ on the Corner Park. The public park in Winslow is a tribute to the Eagles and the song “Take it Easy” that put the town on everyone’s lips. It’s certainly such a fine sight to see.

In Winslow, you also find the spectacular Meteor Crater. In what today is the northern Arizona desert a meteorite exploded 50,000 years ago. Visiting the crater is truly a breathtaking experience.

  • Distance: 52 mi / 31 km
  • Driving time: ≈ 50 min
  • Pick Winslow for: Meteor Crater.

La Posada Hotel

La Posada Hotel has become a real Winslow institution. Designed by Mary Colter, the hotel was always meant to be a special place. Famous guests since La Posada first opened up in 1930 include Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Betty Grable and John Wayne. No other option for where to stay near Petrified Forest National Park has such a rich history.

Best Western Plus

Another great option among the best places to stay near Petrified Forest National Park is Winslow’s Best Western. The comfortable rooms at the Best Western in Winslow is all you need after a day out exploring the area. And after a hot day in the Arizona desert it’s certainly a pleasure to enjoy the hotel’s inviting swimming pool.

Vintage car in Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona
A vintage car in Petrified National Park.

Where to stay near Petrified Forest National Park FAQ

Where should I stay when visiting Petrified Forest?

The nearby town Holbrook is the apparent choice for lodging near Petrified Forest National Park. In Holbrook you just a short drive from the park find a great selection of accommodation. Further away Winslow is another good lodging option if you also plan to visit Standin’ on the Corner Park and Meteor Crater.

What is the closest town to the Petrified Forest?

Holbrook is the town closest to Petrified Forest Forest National Park. The western gateway town is located just 19 miles (31 km) from the Arizona park’s nearest entrance station. East of the Petrified Forest the tiny town Chambers is also conveniently located but only offers a very limited selection of lodging.

Does Petrified Forest National Park have a hotel?

There are no hotels in Petrified Forest National Park. You find the hotels closest to the Petrified Forest in the nearby town Holbrook.

How long does it take to see Petrified Forest?

As Petrified Forest isn’t the largest national park, it’s possible to drive through and see some of the most famous viewpoints in as little as a few hours. But make sure that you add time for hiking and other park activities.

Is Petrified Forest worth visiting?

The impressive petrified logs are alone a great reason to visit Petrified Forest National Park. But the park on top of the fossils offers cool badlands, vast vistas and even ancient petroglyphs. As a bonus the region is also historic Route 66 land, which adds a fun dimension to a visit.

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