The optimal beach getaway to Pensacola Beach, Florida

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The optimal beach getaway to Pensacola Beach, Florida

Pensacola Beach in Florida is a great place for a beach vacation. Enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, visit historic Fort Pickens and check out the buzz of the downtown area.

Head to the spectacular beach

Pensacola Beach is located on Santa Rosa Island in the Florida Panhandle. Here you’re almost as far west as you can go in Florida before entering Alabama.

And among all the beaches in Florida, Pensacola Beach is definitely up there among the best.

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Not only does it have postcard sugar-white sand and crystal-clear water. It also offers so much space that you always can find your very own perfect beach spot.

Casino Beach is located near the bridge to Gulf Breeze. Here, around the pier, it’s usually pretty crowded. But if you prefer to dodge the crowds, a short drive west or east is all you need.

If you drive west you get to the Fort Pickens area where you always can find a lot of private space. In the eastern direction you have even more miles of sandy dunes all the way to Navarre Beach.

Crystal clear water and white sand on Pensacola Beach.
Crystal water and white sand on Pensacola Beach.

Visit Fort Pickens for history and scenery

Fort Pickens is located on the very western side of Santa Rosa Island. It’s a historic fort that was built to protect the important waterways and seaports in the area. The fort was completed in 1834 and still in use 100 years later.

This is a dream place to visit for the history interested, but anyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery here. A pro tip is that the fort is one of the best sunset spots around.

While you are on the very western end of Santa Rosa Island, take your time and check out the white sandy beaches here too. When you visit Pensacola Beach a great beach is never far away.

Entrance of Fort Pickens
The entrance of Fort Pickens.

Check out Downtown Pensacola

The Spanish founded Pensacola already in 1559. The area was of strategic importance then and today downtown still is one of the proudest parts of the area.

In the downtown area you find museums, shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. Downtown Pensacola can be as fun during daytime as during nighttime.

Entrance of high-rise building
Downtown Pensacola.

Discover the beach next door

Pensacola Beach is not the only beautiful place in the area. Further east on Santa Rosa Island you find Navarre Beach.

The beach here is as beautiful as it is in Pensacola, but it’s quieter compared to it’s neighbour. If you want a quiet beach day, Navarre Beach is a great option.

Crashing waves on Navarre Beach
Waves crashing in on Navarre Beach.

Experience a top class naval aviation museum

One of the most popular attractions in the Pensacola area is the National Naval Aviation Museum. It’s a truly huge museum that focuses on naval aviation.

And the Pensacola area is home to the legendary Blue Angels, a US Navy flight squadron. Hearing their roaring engines and watching them going on full speed across the sky never gets old.

Blue airplanes on blue sky
The Blue Angels in Pensacola.

Find a hotel in Pensacola Beach

Use the booking tool below to find the perfect accommodation for your stay in in Pensacola Beach. Browse the map for options in various areas, or click on the search button to get all options listed.

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