A dreamy vacation in Naples, FL

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Naples picturesquely sits on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. Its white shoreline is gorgeously contrasted by the blue ocean and green palm trees. The best things to do in Naples include the world-famous beaches but also fulfilling activities off the dunes. A vacation in Naples gives you the best of both worlds.

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Naples vacation guide

What to expect when visiting

On the southwestern edge of Florida you find the American Naples. Named after the Italian Naples the Gulf Coast city is above all a city of natural beauty.

The Naples area is often referred to as Florida’s Paradise Coast. With mile after mile of beautiful white beaches it’s easy to see why when visiting Naples. Naples truly is the beach lover’s paradise.

With the attractive setting it’s no surprise that Naples is ranked as one of the US cities with most millionaires per capita. When you stroll through the well-polished Old Naples, you can touch the upscale ambience.

Still you don’t need to go far to find an untamed experience. A short drive away from the pristine beaches and exclusive aura you find the vast Everglades. The adjacent wetland is a thrilling day trip to take when visiting Naples.

Naples areas

Old Naples is the historic heart of the pretty Florida city. No vacation in Naples is complete if you don’t fit in time to explore the iconic central streets of Naples.

Among all the Naples streets it’s Fifth Avenue South that is the most renowned one. There high-end stores and excellent restaurants make it easy to break your vacation budget.

A stone’s throw from the commercial activity in Old Naples the beach bum’s joy stretches out. Naples Beach is one of the most celebrated beaches in Florida.

Other areas in Naples include North Naples and East Naples. However, it’s in Old Naples that you find most of the best things to do in Naples.

The best things to do in Naples

In Naples you find everything from pretty beaches to exclusive shopping and easy access to the unique Everglades. The best things to do in Naples include all you need for the perfect Florida getaway.

Hit the renowned beaches in Naples

One of the biggest Naples attractions is its immaculate beach. In the tropical South Florida city life on the beach is as good as ever. Time on Naple’s celebrated beach is time well spent.

All the way from Vanderbilt Beach in the north to Naples Beach and Gordon’s Pass in the south you find great stretches with white sand, swaying palm trees and beautiful water. There are so many nice beach spots in Naples that it’s hard to pick your favorite.

The pristineness not only makes hitting the beach one of the best things to do in Naples. Naples Beach also constantly gets mentioned among the best beaches in the state of Florida. It’s truly a celebrated beach and on a Napls vacation you understand why.

The beautiful white-sand beach in Naples
Naples Beach, FL.

See what’s going on at Naples Pier

Naples Pier beautifully extends 1,000 feet (305 m) into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a historic regional landmark that makes the lovely Naples Beach even better. The iconic pier was built in 1889 and still to this day a pier visit is one of the most appreciated things to do in Naples.

As soon as you take your first step on the boardwalk of Naples Pier you feel relaxed. Naples Pier is a local highlight and a great place to enjoy the sunshine, watch the fishermen or just take in the stunning environment.

If you’re lucky a local dolphin or two might even come and play in the water at the pier. Dolphins and other Florida wildlife like the Naples Pier as much as human visitors do.

Naples Pier is fun during daytime but it’s also the best sunset spot in town. As the sun is about to sink into the Gulf of Mexico people gather at the pier to take in the colorful masterpiece. It’s a show you don’t want to miss when you vacation in Naples.

Beautiful Naples Pier at sunset
The beautiful Naples Pier at sunset.

Exclusive shopping in Naples

On top of beach activities Naples is also famous for higher-end shopping. In Naples you have fun while you shop, whether you window shop or actually find something to buy.

The downtown district with its crown jewel 5th Avenue South has a great selection of clothing stores. There you can shop in an exclusive and iconic environment.

Village on Venetian is also a popular place to shop in Naples. Its Italian architecture and waterside location adds a dimension to the Naples shopping experience.

Rack of clothes in Naples
Go shopping in Naples.

Lush Old Naples walks

The lush, peaceful and exclusive environment in Naples makes walks not only good for your health but also pleasant. A car-free experience is one of the best ways to appreciate Old Naples and see things you otherwise might miss.

On the remarkable 5th Avenue South you find many of the town’s exclusive shops and famous restaurants. When you walk down the fashionable street you easily feel the upscale Naples vibe.

If you follow the tree-lined streets west the crowds thin out as you put the commerce behind you. Instead you close in on the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. On the way you pass many charming Naples villas that your eyes happily rest on.

House in Naples surrounded by green vegetation
A beautiful Naples home.

Take a day trip to Everglades

A great advantage with Naples is that you have all the comfortable necessities of life in the city, but still the wild Everglades so close. Naples is one of the best places to stay near Everglades National Park.

In as little as 40 minutes you get from Naples to Everglades City and the Gulf Coast Visitor Center of Everglades National Park. From Everglades City you can venture further into the huge wetland.

A unique way to see alligators in Everglades is to catch an airboat tour. You find alligators, bobcats, deer and many other animals in the Everglades area. Just make sure that you don’t get too close to the wildlife.

An alligator crowd in the Everglades
Gators in the Everglades.

Naples on the water

To make a vacation in Naples extra memorable you can book a boat tour to see Naples from the water. There are several great cruise options to choose from when you visit Naples.

A dolphin tour is a family favorite in Naples. It’s always special to get close to dolphins and other marine life of Naples.

Another popular option and fun way to learn more about the area is a narrated sightseeing cruise. Stories and history about the Florida city adds depth to a Naples vacation. There are also many extravagant mansions to view as you cruise through Naples and Port Royal.

Or you can wait until the sun is about to set and take a romantic Naples sunset cruise. If you look for romantic things to do in Naples it’s incredibly hard to beat a colorful cruise at sunset.

Pathway tracing the blue Naples Bay
The blue Naples Bay.

Where to stay on your Naples vacation

Options for where to stay in Naples are Old Naples, North Naples and East Naples. They offer all the cute hotels and exclusive resorts that you need for an unforgettable time.

Old Naples is the conventional pick when visiting Naples. In the Old Naples area, also known as Downtown Naples, you find many of the best things to do when visiting Naples including Naples Pier, 5th Avenue South and the marina where boat tours depart.

North Naples, including Vanderbilt Beach, is a great choice if you want a Naples beach escape and don’t being away from many Naples’ top attraction. If you pick Vanderbilt Beach, you’re roughly 10 miles (16 km) away from Old Naples attractions.

East Naples is not on the beach but a superb opportunity to find cheaper lodging in the Florida city. When visiting Naples you easily get by car from East Naples to Old Naples. East Naples is also the area that’s closest to Everglades.


Visiting Naples FAQ

Here you find the answers to some frequently asked questions about visiting Naples, FL.

What is Naples Florida like to visit?

Naples in Southwest Florida is famous for its white beaches and upscale vibe. On a vacation in Naples it feels like the white shoreline never ends. But with a sophisticated scene off the beach the Florida city is much more than a beach destination. Naples among other things also offers top shopping, dining and easy access to the Everglades.

Is Naples Florida worth visiting?

With stunning beaches, exclusive shopping and fine dining it’s hard not to appreciate visiting Naples. If you’re still not sure add the spectacular nature in the Everglades to that.

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