A dreamy vacation in Naples, Florida

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A dreamy vacation in Naples, Florida
In many ways a typical Naples home

Naples is beautifully located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Southwest Florida means warm temperatures year round. So here it’s almost always weather to enjoy the beaches. And for the non-beach days there are lots of other things to see and do as well. A vacation in Naples has all you need for a dreamy time in the Sunshine State.

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The beaches in Naples

The climate in Southwest Florida makes Naples sunny and warm all year round, even in the winter when almost all other places in the US get cold weather. So most times of the year it’s beach weather in Naples.

And a very strong reason to go to Naples is to enjoy the beaches. There are so many nice beach spots to pick from in Naples. All the way from Vanderbilt Beach to the Naples Pier and onwards you find great stretches with white sand, palm trees and beautiful water.

You can’t really go wrong about that. The beaches are lovely.

The beautiful beach in Naples
The beautiful beach in Naples.

Shopping in Naples

But Naples is not only about the beach. The city is famous for higher-end shopping.

The downtown district with its crown jewel 5th Avenue South has a great selection of clothing stores. Village on Venetian is also great place to visit, not only for the shopping, but also for its italian architecture and its location waterside. So in Naples you can have fun while you shop, wether you window shop or find something to buy.

Is it time for some shopping in Naples?

Get into vacation mood with a lush walk

The structure of Naples is a very nice setting for a relaxing vacation. And if you like walking there are many beautiful neighbourhoods where you can walk around, daydream and just enjoy yourself.

The lush streets and the exclusive and well kept houses are a beautiful sight for your eye. So put on the walking shoes, or sandals, and enjoy a beautiful walk.

In many ways a very typical Naples home
A beautiful Naples home.

Make a day trip to Everglades

A great advantage with Naples is that you have all the comfortable necessities of life in the city, but still Everglades so close. Therefore Naples is one of the best places to stay near Everglades National Park. In as little as 50 minutes you get from Naples to Everglades City and the Gulf Coast Visitor Center of Everglades National Park.

From Everglades City you can take an air boat tour to get close to alligators, bobcats, deer and many other animals that you find in the area. Just make sure that you don’t get too close!

Road trip to the alligators in the Everglades
Gators of the Everglades.

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Naples on the water

To make a vacation in Naples extra memorable you can book a boat tour to see Naples from the water.

A cruise can show you multi-million homes of the Guld of Mexico and the local wildlife of the waters including dolphins and manatees.

The dolphin tour that never arrived
Boat tour in Naples.

See what’s going on at Naples Pier

The pier in Naples is not very big but it is a regional landmark and one of the best places to enjoy a good day or evening. See how the fishermen and pelicans are doing, or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

This is a lovely spot any time of the day. And if you’re lucky, a local dolphin or two might come and entertain for you in the water.

A dolphin at the pier
What could that be?

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