Where to stay in Naples, FL

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Naples in South Florida attracts millions of visitors each year. Its white beaches, blue Gulf of Mexico and pretty palm trees make Naples a true paradise. But where to stay in Naples and vicinity for the ultimate experience?

You find some of the best places to stay in Old Naples. Other options for where to stay when visiting Naples are Vanderbilt/North, East Naples and Marco Island.

Where to stay in Naples, FL

Old Naples, FL – The best place to stay in Naples for entertainment and ambience

Naples beautifully sits on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. Old Naples, also known as Downtown Naples, is a charming part of the city with spotless bright-colored architectural masterpieces and streets great for strolling around.

Old Naples is a great option for where to stay in Naples no matter if it’s your first or tenth trip to the Southwest Florida city. When you pick an Old Naples hotel you stay in the heart of the region.

The most famous street in Old Naples is Fifth Avenue South. On Fifth Avenue South you find a fascinating mix of laid-back Southern Florida attitude and luxurious buildings.

Fifth Avenue South is often mentioned as one of the most exclusive addresses in the United States. And you can definitely feel that the ambience is upscale when staying in Old Naples. The street is home to high-end stores, renowned restaurants and all the watering holes you need for a good time.

So if you pick Old Naples for where to stay in Naples you have all the entertainment you need nearby. And although most Old Town Naples hotels aren’t beachfront you’re never far away from the Gulf of Mexico when you stay here either. At the end of 5th Avenue South you find Naples Beach and the famous Naples Pier.

In short, Old Town is the best area to stay in Naples if you want to stay where you eat, drink and shop. It’s also most of all here that you find the upscale feeling that is associated with the city of Naples. And importantly so the beach is always just a short walk or ride away from your Old Naples hotel.

Stay in Old Naples for: Best access to entertainment and the traditional Naples ambience.

Recommended Old Naples hotels

Hotel Escalante – Stay in Old Naples a short walk from the beach

Do you want to stay in Naples on the beach and on Fifth Avenue South? The solution to that and one of the best places to stay in Naples is Hotel Escalante. At the Naples hotel you get the best of two worlds as you stay just a short walk from both Naples Beach and the best restaurants on Fifth Avenue South. The location is incredibly hard to beat when staying in Naples.

Cove Inn on Naples Bay – A Naples hotel with marina views

The Naples Inn sits with a stunning view of the marina. It’s not a luxurious place to stay in Naples but it has all you need for an enjoyable stay. The location is convenient a mile (1.6 km) from the beach and even shorter from Fifth Avenue South. So from the Old Naples hotel you have access to all you need.

Road sign in Downtown Naples
Old Naples, Florida.

Vanderbilt area/North Naples, FL – Stay in Naples on the beach

The Vanderbilt Area in North Naples is a great alternative to Old Town for where to stay in Naples, Florida. Its spectacular beach with sugar-white sand and the inviting Gulf of Mexico makes it a perfect place to relax.

When you stay in North Naples you’re further away from the Old Town area and its upscale attractions. It’s definitely not the best place to stay in Naples for entertainment. But on the other hand you in the Vanderbilt area find an abundance of dreamy places for where to stay in Naples on the beach.

So the Vanderbuilt area is a great place if you’re looking for a Naples stay on the beach. Vanderbilt Beach doesn’t have the liveliness that you find in Old Naples. However, Vanderbilt Beach is as nice as Naples Beach in Old Naples.

From Vanderbilt Beach to Naples it’s 10 miles (16 km) and about half an hour to drive. So it’s not far but if you plan to go to Downtown Naples every day it might not be optimal to stay in the Vanderbilt area.

But North Naples has some great dining opportunities too so you certianly don’t need drive to Old Naples for dinner. You have all you need for a comfortable beach stay if you stay at a Naples hotel in the Vanderbilt area.

To pick the Vanderbilt area or not for where to stay in Naples is a compromise between proximity to Naples entertainment in downtown and a quieter beach stay. Vanderbilt Beach is a great option for where to stay in Naples if you are looking for a beach escape and don’t mind a drive to attractions.

Stay in the Vanderbilt area for: A Naples stay on the beach.

Staying in Naples on the beach
Naples sunset, FL.

East Naples, FL – Stay in Naples on a budget

Naples is a popular destination in Southwest Florida and the hotel rates in Old Naples and throughout Naples tend to be rather steep. Therefore a great alternative for where to stay in Naples on a budget is East Naples

East Naples neither has the charm of Old Naples or the beach location like the other options for where to stay in Naples. However, you can go from East Naples to Old Naples attractions in just minutes. So if you don’t mind the short drive East Naples is an excellent choice for where to stay when visiting Naples.

In short, East Naples doesn’t offer the best location for a Naples stay. However, East Naples is conveniently located and a great option for where to stay in Naples on a budget.

Stay in East Naples for: A place for where to stay near Old Naples on a budget.

Naples Pier in Old Naples
Naples Pier, FL.

Marco Island, FL – Stay near Naples on an island

Marco Island is an island that’s located 20 miles (32 km) and about 40 minutes south of Old Naples. So Marco Island is not an option for where to stay in Naples. But Marco Island is a great option for where to stay near Naples on the beach.

The island has just like Naples been blessed with spectacular beaches. White sand, blue water and stunning sunsets are everyday stuff on Marco Island. When staying on Marco Island you have everything you need for a great beach vacation. And if you want more attractions you find them a drive away in Naples.

Marco Island is much smaller than Naples with less things to do. But the island is also more laid-back and quieter than Naples. On Marco Island life really is a beach.

All in all, Marco Island is the optimal place to stay near Naples if you look for a laid-back and quiet beach stay. You have much less things to do here than in the city of Naples, but maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Stay on Marco Island for: A laid-back and quiet beach escape a reasonable drive away from Naples.

White dunes, blue sky and green vegetation on Marco Island near Naples.
Marco Island south of Naples.

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Where to stay in Naples FAQ

Here you find the answers to some frequently asked questions about where to stay in Naples, Florida.

Where is the best area to stay in Naples, Florida?

Nothing beats Old Town Naples and a traditional Naples vacation with Fifth Street Avenue and Naples Pier within a few blocks. But the Vanderbilt area and Marco Island are great areas to stay in Naples too if you look for a beach escape within reasonable distance to the attractions in Old Town Naples. And East Naples is the best area to stay in Naples on a budget.

Is Naples or Marco Island better for a beach stay?

Both Naples and Marco Island are excellent choices for dreamy beach stays in Southwest Florida. Naples is more upscale and sophisticated with things to do, while Marco as the island is more laid-back and quiet. Both destinations have beautiful beaches.

How far is it from Vanderbildt Beach to Fifth Avenue South?

From Vanderbilt Beach it’s 10 miles (16 km) and roughly 30 minutes by car.

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