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Captiva Island is the true definition of a beach escape. On the palm-dotted island in Southwest Florida, you’re far away from the mainland hustle and bustle. But where to stay on Captiva Island for the best experience?

Beautiful South Seas Island Resort takes up the entire northern portion of Captiva. In addition, you on the central and southern parts of the small island find more hotels and resorts.

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Northern tip

The roughly 5 miles (8 km) long Captiva Island offers a solitude that it’s hard to find anywhere else in Florida. No matter where you stay on Captiva Island, you find a peaceful atmosphere.

But the options for where to stay on Captiva Island differ greatly from each other. A unique Captiva Island feature is that its entire northern portion is privately owned.

The luxury South Seas Island Resort, perched on Captiva’s northern tip, occupies almost half of the 5 miles (8 km) long island. It’s by a wide margin the biggest resort on Captiva Island by size.

With a stay at the uniquely located beachfront resort comes exclusive access to the northern part of the island. To access the roads and facilities up north, you simply need to stay at the South Seas Island Resort.

So if you want a secluded resort stay on Captiva Island, it’s incredibly hard to look past what South Seas Island Resort offers. The private oceanfront location on the northern part of the island is nothing less than stunning.

But with both exclusive beachfront location and resort facilities comes steeper rates. So for Captiva Island on a budget, you should look towards the other options for where to stay when visiting the island.

Pick the northern tip for: Seclusion.

South Seas Island Resort

At the northern tip of Captiva Island, you find South Seas Island Resort. This beachfront resort occupies the entire northern part of the island — it’s like an oasis within an oasis.

On top of the exceptional oceanfront location, South Seas Island Resort also has all the facilities to create the finest island experience. Enjoy beaches, pools, restaurants, bars, seaside golf, tennis and much more.

Laid-back beach bar on Captiva Island.
The secluded Captiva.

Captiva Village

Just before the gate to South Seas Island Resort, the cute Captiva Village area is situated. It’s a great option for where to stay when visiting Captiva Island if you like the idea of a more varied scene.

Captiva Village is the island’s heart and soul. In this area most of the island’s restaurants, cafes and stores are located.

A local favorite, the Mucky Duck serves tasty island fare and refreshing drinks. Facing Captiva Beach and the Gulf of Mexico, colorful sunsets are included in the price.

The convenience of Captiva Village is incredibly appreciated. But keep in mind that Captiva Village reflects the small size of Captiva Island very well: The island’s hub is lovely, but it’s also tiny.

Pick Captiva Village for: A central base.

Captiva Island Inn

At Captiva Island Inn, you’re literally surrounded by everything you need. Sit down at tranquil restaurants and watering holes or recline on Captiva Beach, unfurling just down the road.

Green palm tree pointing towards the Florida sky
South Florida vibes.

South Captiva

When you decide where to stay on Captiva Island, it’s important to remember that the island is only about 5 miles (8 km) long: Getting around is easy regardless of where you stay, and it’s never far to the beach.

Still, the further south you stay, the further you’re from Captiva Village. So if you prefer to have walking distance to the island’s heart, it’s better to stay further north.

But further south also means that you base yourself closer to the Sanibel Island connection. At the southern tip of Captiva Island, you just need to cross Blind Pass Bridge to get to the neighboring island.

Far away from the mainland hustle and bustle, South Captiva offers the same peaceful charm that you find everywhere else on the island. No matter where you stay on Captiva Island, you find that relaxing island vibe.

Pick South Captiva for: Sanibel access.

Sunset on one of the most well-hidden Florida islands
Sunset on Captiva Island.

Where to stay on Captiva Island FAQ

Can you stay on Captiva Island?

There are both resorts and other lodging options on Captiva Island. It’s a small island, but it has the places to stay that you need for the best of times in Southwest Florida.

Where should I stay on Captiva Island?

The northern tip of Captiva is the perfect place to stay if you look for the most secluded island getaway. But the central Captiva Village and southern part of the island are also great options.

Does Captiva Island have a downtown?

Captiva Island has its Captiva Village. Central on the island, the small village is like a tiny downtown area with a few restaurants, cafes and shops. It’s not big, but it’s the appreciated heart of Captiva Island.

Is Captiva worth visiting?

If you look for a quiet place to stay, you don’t need to look further. Captiva Island is a secluded island where you always have beautiful nature around the corner. But if you look for liveliness and non-beach activities, you should look towards other destinations.

Is it better to stay in Sanibel or Captiva?

Both Sanibel Island and Captiva Island are peaceful and popular island destinations. But good or bad, Captiva Island is smaller, more secluded and offers fewer things to do than the places to stay on Sanibel Island.

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